We need your advice!

We have an idea to improve the ROBO left hand protector but need your help.

At present we supply the left hand protector with the wrist elastic threaded over the sides of the edge of the wrist protector … like this …

A few of you suggested the LHP is more secure on the wrist if the elastic sits closer to the wrist and is strapped like this ….

Have any of you tried this approach, and if so do you think its better ? Even if you haven’t tried it you may care to do so and give us your opinion. We listen.

Cheers… OBO New Zealand

Inner leg protection

OBO is all about constant learning and making your life in the goal even better. The bruise competition enabled us to see where people are still vulnerable (though many of you who submitted your shocking technicoloured photos did note that the bruise was not incurred while wearing OBO) and we have acted on this info quickly. We were in the final stages of developing a new pair of goalie pants designed to offer more protection, durability and ease of use compared to the existing ROBO HOT PANTS. While there was already quite good protection in the inner leg, based on the bruise photos we have decided we need to further beef up the protection in this most vulnerable area.

Have a look at the photo below. We’ve chalked an outline and hashed an area where your bruise photos suggest we should add more protection. Do you agree? Would you add more protection here? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

We are now researching the right material for this area… possibly impact reaction fabric, impact gels, or more good old closed cell foam.

Your pain enabled us to make a gain … thanks heaps !

Keep the photos coming … they are helping us design better products, and remember there is a set of ROBO legguards and kickers up for grabs for the most “liked” photo. The competition closes in a couple of weeks.

Cheers. Simon and the OBO team in New Zealand.

Hockey shoes!

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to develop field hockey shoes for goalkeepers with strap ridges cut out of the grips on the sole of the shoe.  My idea is to develop a waterproof shoe but  bulky enough to fill out the kickers nicely and never slip out of the kickers because the straps slot into nice grooves just for them and the goalkeeper also has better surface traction because there is no risk of slipping in the straps.

What do you think about the idea?

Do you like it?

Obo Decurvature

This was a idea for a new goalie stick.

In the Netherlands there are a lot goalies who use a normal stick instead of a special goalie stick, now my idea is for obo to get into that market by making a normal shaped hockey stick with not to much of a bow (because when you stop a bal with a curved stick it falls towards you, it is always better to use a minum curved stick) and place a longer grip on it. I use a TK  cx1.0 but would rather use a stick that is made for the goalies. The stick should have the strength of a normal stick or a goalie stick but most of all it should be a light stick with a good grip around it.

At the highest niveau of hockey in the Netherlands there’s no goalie that uses a goalie stick, most of the times because they aren’t strong enough, also there are a lot goalies that just like the feeling of a normal stick above the feeling of a goalie stick.

I made this really bad picture with Photoshop as an idea.

Greetings From the Netherlands,


please help me !

hi amazing guys and gals

Simon from OBO New Zealand here. We are just staring work on a completely new model of the ROBO Hot Pants. We are very keen to get your input to help make this excellent product totally amazing .

To focus the mind can I suggest you make a list of the things you really like about the existing ROBO Hot Pants … and another list of the things you really don’t like or wish to see changed and improved.

We will keep you in the loop as we work on this project.

Thanks for your help. We really value your ideas, opinions and experiences.


OBO Wheelie Bag Design

My Ideas on the OBO wheelie bag designs

hey guys and girlies

just wondering have you guys at obo ever thought of taking the wheelie bag and instead of having the blue and orange colours and maybe try substituting them for crazy patterns or even the custom painted helmet designs and having them printed all over the kit bag. just a thought as the kit has got crazy designs on maybe the bags could look funky too. any ideas???


big mac 99

go fourth and save that ball!!

Hockey OBO Apparel

Have there ever been – or thought about producing OBO clothing apparel?  Jumpers, Jackets etc?  I for one would love to have them (proud to be a keeper and proud of my sport) and show off/advertise it 🙂

Jumpers would go down well, same with t-shirts to wear under the chest guard etc…

Any one else think this is a great idea??


Camo overpants

Hi Obo, I thought of a great idea about a design for your overpants that cover the hotpants. I saw to the Camo gear pics and noticed that there weren’t any camo overpants. I noticed that perhaps wearing the camo smock could look a bit goofy sometimes, why not make a over pants with the Camo design? They’re less noticeable yet at the same time you get an awesome design to wear.

It’s just a thought…


New Idea For Kickers

OBO kickers are awesome ! I have tried all series of kickers and you get what you pay for in performance and quality as you move up the range. I don’t want to review all the kickers however for a long time now I have been thinking of a way to design a kicker that has a specific inner bootie instead of regular hockey shoes. The idea is like my motor bike boots. You put on the inner bootie then slip your inner bootie into the outer which is the protection layer. Velcro or other similar product could be used to attached to two eliminating the need for straps etc. The booties could be washable and both new inners and outer could be sold. The idea is only in a thought phase but I would love to develop it into an OBO product. Just a thought!  🙂