Suggestions For Using The Hi-Rebound RHP On The Ground by Roland Löwe

The robo SP right hand protector has been designed for an upright style of play however it can still be used successfully for ground defence. Roland Löwe outlines techniques for effectively using the new hand protector on the ground.

There are two major positions for using the SP RHP on the ground:

1. Long forehand slide or penalty corner defence:
– as the glove contacts the ground the glove is able to rotate to the most suitable position for play on the ground.
– the longer you stretch your arm the more the glove rotates right into the final position as seen in the picture.
– inside the glove your hand rotates left into the opposite direction to keep the stick in the right position.
– if you stand up again the glove and stick rotate back into the normal position.

Long forehand slide

2. Sliding backhand tackle:
– for the sliding backhand tackle you use the the sliding part of you glove.
– the glove stays in the normal position.
– rotate the stick to the left to get into the backhand postion.
– press the top of the stick on the ground so that you do not lose contact.
– this kind of tackle allows you to play the ball with your stick or glove.

Sliding backhand tackle