New Idea For Kickers

OBO kickers are awesome ! I have tried all series of kickers and you get what you pay for in performance and quality as you move up the range. I don’t want to review all the kickers however for a long time now I have been thinking of a way to design a kicker that has a specific inner bootie instead of regular hockey shoes. The idea is like my motor bike boots. You put on the inner bootie then slip your inner bootie into the outer which is the protection layer. Velcro or other similar product could be used to attached to two eliminating the need for straps etc. The booties could be washable and both new inners and outer could be sold. The idea is only in a thought phase but I would love to develop it into an OBO product. Just a thought!  🙂


7 thoughts on “New Idea For Kickers”

  1. It would be very dodgy don’t you think? Especially with a velcro system. To be honest I quite like the current strap system, it just needs one or two adjustments. And, I laughed at the repeated use of the word “booty”

  2. Would different shoe sizes not greatly effect the fit, much more so than the current models. It’s a brilliant idea otherwise though. they’d be kinda like a big slipper.

  3. I think the idea should be developed, it would help fix the problem of the straps coming up over the toes and the “booty” could be made so that the kicker is held on but it’s like a turf shoe, but the studs don’t get in the way of the straps.

  4. No, what we really need is for OBO to team up with a top sports shoe manufacturer like asics and develop astro turf runners for keepers with strap ridges cut out of the grips on the sole of the shoe. I know some keepers that mutilate their astros themselves with carpet knives and the like – but it could be done so much better with a bit of development – my dream astro’s are waterproof for water based, bulky enough to fill out my kickers nicely (I have small feet 😉 ) and never slip out of my kickers because the straps slot into nice grooves just for them and I also have better surface traction because there is no risk of slipping in the straps!

  5. I agree with Elizabeth, finding shoes that allow the straps to fit around the ‘studs’, but aren’t too flat to let the straps slip is hard. I currently wear asics Blackheath Ladies 3’s. They kind of work but sometimes the straps slip. A good idea that I used when I had flat shoes was to tape the front strap to the back strap underneath. It really works!!!

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