Obo Decurvature

This was a idea for a new goalie stick.

In the Netherlands there are a lot goalies who use a normal stick instead of a special goalie stick, now my idea is for obo to get into that market by making a normal shaped hockey stick with not to much of a bow (because when you stop a bal with a curved stick it falls towards you, it is always better to use a minum curved stick) and place a longer grip on it. I use a TK  cx1.0 but would rather use a stick that is made for the goalies. The stick should have the strength of a normal stick or a goalie stick but most of all it should be a light stick with a good grip around it.

At the highest niveau of hockey in the Netherlands there’s no goalie that uses a goalie stick, most of the times because they aren’t strong enough, also there are a lot goalies that just like the feeling of a normal stick above the feeling of a goalie stick.

I made this really bad picture with Photoshop as an idea.

Greetings From the Netherlands,


6 thoughts on “Obo Decurvature”

  1. Wh y not take this a step further and curve the stick the otherway. Only slightly but it would mean that the ball would be deflected out and away from the goal. Mind you i’ve spent about 15 seconds thinking about this idea so it may not be perfect.

  2. i play in the Netherlands and i have both types of sticks, and i prefer my low bow. the golie stick is akward, not strong enough and, the Haak in dutch, or the hook at the end with the wierd shape gives littel to no benefits. i play in the eerste klaase so second devision, and no one uses a golie stick becuae the feel just doesnt seem right.
    i prefer my grays slogger
    but i think the idea of a stick of this type made by OBO would be good and there is definatly a market for the sticks

  3. Having played with goalie sticks all my life mainly because of the weight and the price tag, I’d like to see a special stick for goalies with a kind of normal shape. I had a TK composite youth stick (34″) which did a great job for me but after it broke like a year ago I haven’t found a proper successor. Maybe this idea could do the deal… 😉

  4. Hiya!
    I have always used specialist goalie sticks as they have fatter handles. I much prefer this, generally finding it easier to hold and makes it feel more surdy. If you make the PROTO a reality would you have a skinny (standard thickness) handle or make it nice and fat?

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