Helmet Sizing

ABS / PE / FG / CK Helmets come in two sizes: medium and large. And as every Goal Keeper’s head is different, here are some guidelines for choosing a helmet which fits well.

There are two important measurements for helmet sizing. You’ll probably need to get a friend to help you measure them. As shown in the picture, you need to measure in a straight line:

      Width – Temple to Temple (the flat part of your skull outside your eye socket)

Length – Top of Head to Chin

We know that different Goal Keepers like to wear their helmets in different ways, so all OBO Helmets come with an adhesive foam pad, which can be used to customise your helmet to suit your own preferences.

So depending on your head measurements here are the guidelines:

      LARGE – If your head is wider than 150mm and longer than 240mm you will need a large helmet.

MEDIUM – If the width of your head is between 135mm and 150mm, and the length between 225mm and 235mm, you should get a medium.

We’ve found that heads about 135-145mm wide and 225-235mm long fit snugly into a medium helmet. Anything much over these dimensions starts getting pretty tight. So if either of your head measurements are larger than these, we recommend a large helmet with extra customised padding layers (particularly for those with short wide heads or long narrow ones – you can pad out the top or the sides as necessary).

If you’re still not sure about the sizing, please feel free to contact us with any questions you have, and we’ll be happy to advise you about which size helmet is appropriate for you.