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OBO is all about constant learning and making your life in the goal even better. The bruise competition enabled us to see where people are still vulnerable (though many of you who submitted your shocking technicoloured photos did note that the bruise was not incurred while wearing OBO) and we have acted on this info quickly. We were in the final stages of developing a new pair of goalie pants designed to offer more protection, durability and ease of use compared to the existing ROBO HOT PANTS. While there was already quite good protection in the inner leg, based on the bruise photos we have decided we need to further beef up the protection in this most vulnerable area.

Have a look at the photo below. We’ve chalked an outline and hashed an area where your bruise photos suggest we should add more protection. Do you agree? Would you add more protection here? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

We are now researching the right material for this area… possibly impact reaction fabric, impact gels, or more good old closed cell foam.

Your pain enabled us to make a gain … thanks heaps !

Keep the photos coming … they are helping us design better products, and remember there is a set of ROBO legguards and kickers up for grabs for the most “liked” photo. The competition closes in a couple of weeks.

Cheers. Simon and the OBO team in New Zealand.

19 thoughts on “Inner leg protection”

  1. I am a frequent receiver of inner thigh bruises and my comment would be that it is almost always on the lower half of the inner thigh. If padding approx. 150mm wide wrapped around or continues from the front panel, that would cover the danger area I think. Inner thigh paddin higher up towards the groin might adversely affect mobility too much in order to protect a very infrequently hit area?

    Just a thought, keep up the great work team!!!

  2. Certainly the chalked area would benefit from some additional protection. The inner thigh is the one place that i get hit often (probably stems from a background in soccer and trapping the ball with the inside of the leg). Impact reaction fabric would be a great way to extend the protection up the leg without hindering movement, the chalked area could take CCF with the impact fabric over the top.
    I am interested in the gel padding however…

  3. Definitely is an area that could do with more protection – I have had the worse bruise I’ve ever had there (not wearing OBO shorts however) but haven’t managed to find the photo to upload it :-(.

    As long as the extra protection doesn’t impair movement it would be great – the impact fabric or gel would be the best I think so it isn’t too bulky.

    Keep up the good work OBO!

  4. When do you think the new pants will be out? I’m using the smart pants or something like that, they were my friends, but I really need a pair of pants that have more padding, especially on the inner leg. I don’t want to go out and buy a new pair of ROBO pants though if a new pair are going to be out soon enough.

    I agree, the chalked off portion needs extra padding. I think the gel is a neat idea as well, feel like anything hard will be too much of a nuisance.

  5. Hi there

    Im a long time user of the robo hot pants and have found them to be awesome over the years but totally agree that the inner leg is vulnerable with the current model. You quickly learn after a few good bruises though.
    I personally think that a slightly thinner version of the closed cell foam used in the lower half of the current hot pants (the bit that wraps around the leg) would be sufficient protection for this area as there is not a great deal of flexibility or movement to be lost be stiffening this area of the hot pants up.
    Thats just my opinion though :).

  6. Hi, The area in question does need protection. Suitable material would be one which gives maximum protection with minimum restriction on mobility.

    Though this is not frequently under threat, it would certainly add to the confidence if protected.

  7. Hi,
    I am using the hotpants from the moment you guys put them in red, pink and yellow ;-), and they are protecting quite allright, as long as you can get them to stay put :-). Sometimes I get brused because the pants didn’t stay in place (usually because I didn’t put them on thight enough). The inner part is a bit more vulnarable, although you also shouldn’t open your leg to quick, that is a matter of technique. So I think the material should be more of some sort of gel or protection material that only become stiff on impact (the material they use for skiing protective clothing as well). Another little point of improvement is to make the velcro part on the pants a little wider so when the pants get older, you still are able to wrap it around your leg thightly. Hope this helpes a bit in making it better.

    With kind regards,


  8. Hi all – loving the fact that you are improving the kit after visual prove that sometimes it does go wrong. I was bruised on the inside of my knee after a ball changed trajectory and rose slightly. Standing in the ‘get ready’ position – on my toes – knees bent – leg slightly to the right – the ball should have hit the inside of the pad – instead it rose and caught me bang on the left of the knee. Ouch! Hit by a man with all his weight behind it – I couldn’t play for two weeks because of the swelling alone!

    PS it was on tour!

    PPS – wearing knee protection now is a must!

  9. I definately would go the gel/d3O route for the inner padding as it’s more about preventing bruising than getting rid of the ball.
    Thing to be careful is mainly not raising prices as shops are already highly priced and it puts me out of the market for buying most OBO kit.

    Also one thing to think about is adjustability of the shorts which compared to other brands is lacking in my opinion!

  10. Definitely an area to focus in on. Have used a couple of different manufacturers (but not OBO, yet…) and this is mostly where I end up with bruises. My current shorts (won’t mention any brand names) do address the inner leg problem but leave what I have termed “the triangle of vulnerability” on the front mid-thigh. I got one reverse stick undercut into this area and was left with another whopping bruise.

  11. i think more padding is great in that area but i wont wear obo robo when compared to just getting big obo board shorts because i never felt like i could move as much in the robos and they were always slipping down and interfering with my legguards. just my thoughts others are bound to find things different 😛

  12. My main concern with improving your product is the increase in price with it which currently is almost double some other brands on the market for little difference. You need to be careful that you don’t price yourself out of the majority market (club players) and only become a brand for the elite. Whilst I wear OBO for most things, due to affordability I have had to compromise and use other brand body armour and shorts, which I have to say does have inner thigh protection, though whilst it doesn’t stop bruising it takes the sting out and spreads the impact.

    1. We hear your concern about price and take this feedback seriously. We are currently looking at our options. But it has to be said that at the end of the day, a quality product that offers well researched protection and lasts longer that other brands, is always going to cost more.

  13. Admin thank you for responding, however you need to keep in mind that your brand name will only take you so far and at the end of the day price counts, and with other players in the market delivering suitable alternatives you could end up only servicing the elite of an already elite sport. I’d rather spend $150 every couple of seasons for shorts than having to hand over $300 in one go.

  14. As I mentioned, we are activity looking at what we can do on price and you will see change in the future. It’s too early to say anything more than that at this stage though.

  15. Definitely needs the protection. Quite often I’ll be hit there where I’ve squeezed my legs together in reaction to a chip or tomahawk from a couple of meters away. Unpredictable rise and direction in this situation, as well as the close proximity mean that gloves don’t always get the job done. Squeezes over the top of the pad and if you’re lucky it only hits you in the thighs.

    Alternatively it’s deflections and/or misjudgement as you’re covering a shot going wider so your legs are more open, outside foot typically pointed out towards the sideline. Same issue gets me on the back of the calf so maybe it’s just me 😉 Keep it reasonably thin and flexible though – it’s more often a stinging glancing blow than a full blooded stop by the exposed thigh. Yes I want the best of both worlds there.

    One point as to cost. Yes it’s a consideration. I replaced my OBO hotpants with a cheaper brand that has shorter leg length and I like the length (i’m only 175cm so that is a factor) Personal preference maybe but the OBO SP pads cover your lower quads just fine, knee pads are an option if you like. Only hassle is that these cheaper pants don’t stay put as well. Always pulling them up is a pain. Belt positioning on the ROBOs was spot on. Maybe make provision for Old Skool braces – they may make a comeback yet.

    Still the hotpants lasted me a good 5/6 years. I find the elastic and velcro stretch quite early on in life and like all lycra styled products, water will eventually rot the material regardless of how you care for them. The Body Armour is still awesome and I played my first grade career in it from 2001 and still use it now in Veterans. It’s still rock solid apart from getting my mum to attach new elastic/velcro every few years. Thanks Mum you’re a star.

    Thanks OBO too my Visa Card loves you. :S

  16. I am so happy to see that work is being done on this area! So many bad, painful bruises – and they always end up on top of each other. The gel sounds like a fab idea because sometimes I’ve found the foam itself losing structure or not absorbing the shock from the hit of a ball. I still get paranoid when balls that height come my way therefore further work to improve this would be extremely beneficial to the goalkeeping majority! THANK YOU OBO LEGENDS! 😀

  17. I play in the Manawatu league for TCOB and my inner thighs was permanantly black all season, any improvment in protection around that area would be a blessing

  18. That sounds like a great idea, im all for a little more padding in the chalked area… im currently using the Cloud shorts with the obo overshorts and its the area i most commonly get bruises in.
    To those who are having problems with the shorts slipping, i use a set of suspenders under the body armor to stop the shorts slipping down into the leggaurds.
    I will also say that i have only just started looking to replace items in my kit, 6 seasons ago i bought a full obo kit, and this season i have finally replaced my groin gaurd and neck gaurd and over shorts, next year will probably be the cloud shorts and cloud body armor with robo hot pants and body armor. I have only just replaced the kicker straps for the first time this season as well.
    I train once a week, and play twice a week so its not like i put the gear on once a week and baby the gear either, i am a keeper who likes to slide and put the body on the line to make saves.

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