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My Ideas on the OBO wheelie bag designs

hey guys and girlies

just wondering have you guys at obo ever thought of taking the wheelie bag and instead of having the blue and orange colours and maybe try substituting them for crazy patterns or even the custom painted helmet designs and having them printed all over the kit bag. just a thought as the kit has got crazy designs on maybe the bags could look funky too. any ideas???


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  1. I would like a waterproof cover for my wheelie bag… kinda like ones what you get for camping rucksacks, where it is in a little compartment, and when it is raining, you just pop it over the bag, to stop it getting wet! I have a hard enough time drying my kit, let alone my bag!!! 😛


  2. Ah Viks,

    finally someone else confirmed my thinking. I think this would be a great addition to the bag – I hate it when you go to a pitch without a “dug out” and your bag gets soaked…its even worse when you forget to zip the bag up again.

  3. hey, im only 12 but have been in goal for 4 years now and still loving it! i went through the comments and the two about having a waterproof cover for a bag caught my eye! my goalie bag has a waterproof cover and it is so cool, everyone who plays on picth are like ‘your bag is so cool, it has ita own coat’ :D. i cant remember which compeny this bag is made by but i do no that it is balck and orange 🙂

  4. pfft… when it starts raining , my teammates take all the stickbags into the dugout, but ignore my bag, thinking its waterproof!!

    pleeease obo, create a bag cover…. pretty please!!

  5. Sorry Guys. The Obo Wheelie, bag is dreadful. I’ve always bought them as I like to have matching OBO kit. But I give up, not getting another.

    To be fair: The older grey bag was even worse. rolled over if you used the side pockets, tripped up any one over 6 foot due to the short drag handle. Side pockets wore out and wheels fell of in 12 months. Though for some reason OBO have now removed all the good design features from it for the new bag!

    This new bag is at least stable and can be wheeled safely, but other than the very basics of keeping a kit in a single enclosure its totally hopeless.

    Despite not being water proof its not breathable, so if your kit gets wet it never dries. Its only just big enough for a full OBO L kit. (god knows how you would get a bulky body armour in it. I wear an OBO cloud). Much smaller than old grey version.

    Other Issues
    Handle on mine is doesn’t fold when its cold. (mental contracts and sticks)
    The end pockets steal space from the main compartment.
    Its only just big enough to fit a full mens L Obo kit in. God only knows how i’d get a properly bulky Ice hokcey armour in!
    End pockets are basically useless if you have the main compartment full.
    The smelly stuff pocket, designed for athletic cloths gets soacked if you stand the bag on end. Ideal.
    No tension straps, to squeeze it in a car boot, aircraft etc…
    No end straps so its a complete ass to lift in to a car boot.
    Stick has to go in with soacking kit… not ideal if its wood.
    no where near enough pockets. I have to take a whole ruck sack with the rest of my stuff in. There is bairly room for necessary spares in the end pockets, with the kit in.
    Some carry straps that adjust so you can put on your shoulder should have been nice.
    Stick has to be wedged hard in if you have things in the end pockets.

    Sorry chaps, Groyphon Fat Albert Next. Saw one recently. Fantastic. Sadly Obo have let them selves down with these poor and overpriced bags. Its the only bit of OBO kit I’ve every brought
    that been ill thought out and offers nothing special.

  6. Understandibly i know your problems but some of your arguements are not valid, and obo have obviously made this kit for the sole reason of carrying Obo kit and not ice hockey gear, and they have made it for the keeper who goes to local games and local training, sadly if your like me and you play for your country and travel with your kit a lot then you will have no choice ofther then to take another bag, i find the bag can be great if you have a big walk from your car to the pitch.

    i agree though it is a pain to lift into the car boot, but it helps build up the muscles in your upper body and knees ( all great for keepers )

    i recomend all you keep in your obo wheelie bag is your leg guards, kickers, shorts, body armour, elbow pads ( if you use them) hand pads and helmet and stick (or you could carry it in one hand)

    my only problems with the wheelie bag is it is too tall and not long enough, it should be like the “Carry Bag L” but i also know the reasons why it can’t be like that.

  7. Thanks for your comments shu and you make some valid points.

    But as OBO’s top of the range bag it really should be able to cope with a whole range of demands. especially given the price premium over other similar (better) bags. I would completetly understand its limitations if it was a mid range product.

    I (not unreasonably) expect to be able to keep all my kit in it, easilyand safely, and various cloths and other spares I might need. Which in the OBO is difficult. Various keepers prefer other styles of protection and the bag should cope this too.

    I just feel its missing crucial and simple design features that would raise it above the average, where I would expect OBO products to score.

    Also I don’t really want a work out from my GK bag, in fact I invested in it to make it easier to carry! If I want a work out i’ll go to the gym 🙂

  8. i have been thinking when i was reading this article that having a bag like a cricket bag with an extra side pocket just for the stick would be good, i personally find it annoying searching through my kit bag trying to find my stick so an extra side pocket would be great
    any one else agree?

  9. I agree with many of the comments above. my wheelie bag gets completely soaked, and the zip has ripped due to the bag not being big enough for a L kit. Also it is difficult to dry and pretty unstable. I suggest a big betty, or a T.K bag they are really good and large enough. The new T.K also comes with a detachable back pack to put it kit and stuff that needs cleaning.

  10. Definitely need rain cover for Obo bag.. looking around online for something similar, I might just have to make my own!

    The other thing I was thinking would be an outside pocket for the stick, like a cricket bag. So you can slide it down a pocket along the length of the bag rather then having to squash it/bend it in with the rest of the (wet) kit!

  11. I agree about the rain cover and the stick pocket – I also think a zip off end pocket would be good – so you don’t need to take whole kit bag into the locker room??

  12. I’ve just purchased the new OBO GK Bag, well designed and has handles on either side making it easy to lift into a vehicle. The bag can stand upright, nice pockets for cell phones, wallets, smelly stuff, goo zips. Im happy….
    Well done Annebel and guys at OBO

  13. You can fit your gk stick in the new bag. If you pack the bag properly there’s more room for a few extra things.
    There are 2 loose panels in the bag which are used on the side of the bag to give it shape.
    Im sure OBO could make a splash/rain cover similar to the ones they use on tramping backpacks- how about it guys?.

  14. I LOVE the structural design of the obo wheelie bag. it is small, light and compact making it a lot easier to manage.
    my main isssue with the bag is it wearing out. the smaller zips on my bag have all broken and the underside of the bag is ripping. And i have only had this bag for 18 months!!
    and this doesnt come from mistreatment – I take VERY good care of my gear!!

  15. I bought this bag not long ago, right before season started, and already both of the main zippers have broken and i can no longer use it. The pockets are practically worthless and cannot hold anything with much bulk. All of my pads are of the OBO brand and only fit if I squeeze them in, even with constant readjustment. With as much as it costs, I’m really dissapointed in the in the quality

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