Hockey OBO Apparel

Have there ever been – or thought about producing OBO clothing apparel?  Jumpers, Jackets etc?  I for one would love to have them (proud to be a keeper and proud of my sport) and show off/advertise it 🙂

Jumpers would go down well, same with t-shirts to wear under the chest guard etc…

Any one else think this is a great idea??


9 thoughts on “Hockey OBO Apparel”

  1. We dabble in the odd t-shirt from time to time. We’ve also had jackets and vests.

    We’re very focussed on research and development (we’re having fun playing in our test lab at the moment) and as a result we always have a long list of development ideas so clothing tends to be low down on the priority list. Still, we’re keen to hear what your thoughts are so let us know in the comments.

  2. i agree with species, i want an obo hoodie… but i want a lot of things that dont yet exist… i would be ultra awsome if it did. i would wear it always. I did see someone on a futures sport/spartan international goalie camp wearing an obo tee-shirt. BUT i dont know where i can get one from.

  3. i play for a C division club in Bangalore india. was wondering if there are any golie specific shoes, ones that will take the straps comfortably. presently i use a pair of nike football studs. Also going to Spain ( madrid and Barsa) on holiday ,you guys know anywhere i can get some good golie equipment.

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