We need your advice!

We have an idea to improve the ROBO left hand protector but need your help.

At present we supply the left hand protector with the wrist elastic threaded over the sides of the edge of the wrist protector … like this …

A few of you suggested the LHP is more secure on the wrist if the elastic sits closer to the wrist and is strapped like this ….

Have any of you tried this approach, and if so do you think its better ? Even if you haven’t tried it you may care to do so and give us your opinion. We listen.

Cheers… OBO New Zealand

17 thoughts on “We need your advice!”

  1. I have completely unthreaded the wrist strap and have the wrist protector just loose on top. I was shown it by one of canadian women’s keeper and I love it! It stays on my wrist really well and gives me a lot of movement without lack of protection.

  2. Hi.
    I use it like that (2nd picture) and it feels better, although I can’t really give a rational argument for that. Maybe it is because the strap “hugs” the side of the wrist better…

    One other thing about the LHP that I would like to point out, is the position of the hand in terms of how deep it goes into the LHP. I think it would be better to have the hand go less deep into the LHP, so you end up with a LHP resting position that gives you 1 or 2 inches of extra reach. It may be less stable than the actual design, but with a good wrist support/strap (like the one showed here, for example) you could mitigate stability problems.
    And to be honest, 2 inches of extra reach in the LHP would be very welcomed now that the flickers started to really punish our top left on the PCs.



  3. i prefer the way its shown with the orange glove..
    but i’ve modified the glove with a lot of tape in the middel of the glove because the gray part didnt stuck at the original position and i have to say that in my opinion the repaired glove is much better than it has been when i bought it..
    so the tape has the function to hold the gray part in position but its really strong so that the gloves stays at my hand much better than before the velcro was broken.

  4. I have worn it both ways but prefer the first picture actually. I tried doing it the second way but it got annoying because I wear those wrist sweat band things and it was hard getting it over top of it all the time. I find it stays on fine if I wear those and I have more mobility if it is strapped like it is in the first picture too.

    I would have to say though that I find that the glue that holds the velcro for the backhand part is not that great. I always find I have to keep fixing it with something like shoe goo or gorilla glue, (the stuff recommended to fix kickers with), to hold it in place. It needs to be attached more strongly, in my opinion at least.

  5. I’ve taken the elastic out completely, giving me greater movement. To stop the glove coming off when there is a lot of moisture e.g. sweat or rain, I wear the OBO supplied inner glove and it gives you that little bit more grip.

    If you really want to make sure the LHP doesn’t come off put a dab of shoe goo on the tip of each finger of the inner glove (let it dry before using, or you’ll be wearing the LHP with a permanent inner).

    Maybe OBO could produce inners with grippy fnger tips??

  6. I really like the design, although there are 2 things that can be improved. The first is the hold of the strip, after I pull i tight, it gets looser quite fast, which can be anoying.

    Furthermore, the back part of the LHP, the part that’s over your wrist tends to slide sometime (as it comes loose easily) it should be attached to the rest of the protector in a stronger way

  7. With the strap on the outside I would have to wear a glove underneath to keep the glove from flying off. Ever since I changed the strap to the inside so it sits closer to my wrist I have needed no glove underneath and my glove stays on.

  8. I think that the first option is more confotable but the second more secure. The second one also looks neater. I would overall prefer the second.

  9. I tried using the LHP like the second pic and hated it, the elastic chafed a little on the wrist so i went back to the original way, i found the OBO inner glove to slippery, but to wear an inner for me is helpful, so i went to the garden store and bought a pair of cotton gardening gloves with little rubber spots all down the fingers and palms, these really keep the LHP in place, and on the Right hand give good grip on my stick and still allows my hand to slide up and down the stick….

  10. I put straps on my left glove a few years ago and have not had the problem of it slipping off. (left and right of wrist). Two cuts were made on either side, be careful not to damage the glove when you push the adjustable strap through the slits .
    Many of my junior keepers had the problem with their Left glove falling off but his was easily solved by doing the same.

  11. I use neither of the ways shown above. On my LHP I have taken the elastic out of the wrist guard, and I use the elastic to tie straight over my wrist. This leaving the wrist guard flapping around. I found that I have a lot more wrist mobility whilst even more security that the glove will not come off.

  12. I remember this being discussed back in March 2012. One thing we have to consider is the arm protection , if any and the effect that has too. I see Goalees who do both and also some who do both and carry the strap through to the face which secures the glove even more. Again, extreme care is needed when modifying! Back in the 80’s a sharp knife was key to a Goalees kit bag to do modifications.

  13. I use it like the first picture and have never had a problem, I tried it a couple of times the other way but found the strap irritable on my wrist

  14. i removed the strap completely and trimmed the wrist guard a little so it doest catch on the bottom of my elbow guards (short arms)

    I also have a tight band of tape around the glove so it fits tighter and wear a gold glove. never had a problem with it coming off.

  15. I agree with Mono. By strapping the 2nd way you dont have to push your hand as far into the glove. That in turn makes your arm longer with the glove on. The extra few cm’s could make the difference between save and goal.

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