Obo Decurvature

This was a idea for a new goalie stick.

In the Netherlands there are a lot goalies who use a normal stick instead of a special goalie stick, now my idea is for obo to get into that market by making a normal shaped hockey stick with not to much of a bow (because when you stop a bal with a curved stick it falls towards you, it is always better to use a minum curved stick) and place a longer grip on it. I use a TKĀ  cx1.0 but would rather use a stick that is made for the goalies. The stick should have the strength of a normal stick or a goalie stick but most of all it should be a light stick with a good grip around it.

At the highest niveau of hockey in the Netherlands there’s no goalie that uses a goalie stick, most of the timesĀ because they aren’t strong enough, also there are a lot goalies that just like the feeling of a normal stick above the feeling of a goalie stick.

I made this really bad picture with Photoshop as an idea.

Greetings From the Netherlands,