Keeper Stop Motion

A very clever video put together by Dutch goal keeper Anne Veenendaal. Using 248 still pictures of every movement Anne was able to create a movie that showed a goal keeper magically being dressed in OBO gear.

A very clever video put together by Dutch goal keeper Anne Veenendaal. Using 248 still pictures of every movement Anne was able to create a movie that showed a goal keeper magically being dressed in OBO gear.

Anne plays for Amsterdam with my good friend Emily Hurtz and was kind enough to let me post this video of her. I hope you enjoy it

Keeper Stop Motion Video

Toni Cronks review of the new robo chest

Dear Amazing person

We thought you might like to see this feedback on the new ROBO chest guard form Toni Cronk… Australian National Goalie. Toni’s comments (in red boxes around the edges of the fact and feature sheet) are really valuable to us, as they enable us to improve on small aspects of the product. We really value player feedback… from national goalies like Toni, to beginners; as while we know OBO products are good, we also know that they can be even better. We really do listen to feedback … so please keep it coming !


Simon and the committed team at OBO New Zealand

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OBO innovation story

One of 14 short films created by the Gibson Group for the Ministry of Science + Innovation. The 14 Kiwi companies featured were chosen for their originality and creativity, and have developed unique and fascinating products or services. Harnessing the characters and innovations from each of these organisations, Innovation Stories will take viewers inside exciting development processes, explain the science and workings behind the products, and provide engaging yarns that leave viewers with knowledge about the amazing innovations happening in New Zealand. Stories

Commonwealth Games – Auzzie update

An update from the Commonwealth Games by Australian keeper Rachael Lynch

Hello from the Commonwealth Games…

I, along with all the Aussie girls are having a wonderful time in India. We have been hear for nearly 2 weeks now and have had an absolute ball. The village is heaps of fun, the people are so lovely, and meeting famous, unique and different types of athletes has been great. Today we played our 3rd game of the tournament and came away with our first draw. We beat Trinidad and Tobago 11-0 first game, India 2-1 second game, then drew 1-1 to South Africa today. Tomorrow we play Scotland in our final pool match. Keep an eye out as there should be many great games to come. The Kiwis are doing really well in the other pool so we may have a match up against them in the finals. Cant wait!!

Bye for now

Rach Lynch

Belen Succi

The photo below of Maria Belen Succi, OBO sponsored player and goalkeeper for Las Leonas, the Argentinian Women’s National Team, appeared over the weekend in newspapers with wide circulation throughout Argentina. The photo can also be viewed on the Adidas site.

Belen Succi

Belen’s achievements include winning a bronze medal with the national women’s team at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. You can view Belen’s profile at the Confederacion Argentina de Hockey website.

We are one step closer…

Good morning/night whatever it is there now
We are one step closer to making it to the world cup. This afternoon we beat Chile 5-0 in our first game of the tournament. It was a pretty good game and a consistent performance from us. No PC’s against and Cronky only got 2 touches. We created plenty of scoring chances so Frank was quite happy. There were about 4,000 people at the game (apparently) but its funny how quiet a stadium can get when we score a goal. I was in the crowd cheering with the other two girls so thats all that matters.
The schedule keeps changing by the day but we now have till Thursday until we play our next game against Malaysia. 3 games to go ( and win ) then it will be job done. We are all really enjoying the sites and sounds that Chile has to offer. The view of the Andes mountains out our window is a nice site to wake up to. Can’t complain.
Speak soon

The Hockeyroos have arrived in Chile

The Hockeyroos have arrived in Chile and last night we played an international test match against Chile which we won 4-0. A match purely for practice in the lead up to our World Cup Qualifier event but nevertheless a great start for us. The field is located at the foot of the andies mountains which is a nice incentive to turn up to training. We have had a bit of a look around chile and experienced some of the culture but the focus is on the tournament and preparing as best as we can in order to get the job done and win. The spanish lessons have been a huge help as Ive been able to mix with the locals and interact in a common language. We hope to start the tournament on Sunday but due to the problems in Europe both Scotland and Ireland still have not arrived. I will keep you all updated. Bye for now.

Australia vs Korea Series Result

The Kookaburras have won the three test series against Korea in Hobart despite finishing with a 2-1 loss in the final game on Sunday. After 5-1 and 3-2 victories in the opening two games, Korea responded well to end their tour on a positive note. They are certainly a very good side and will be a force to be reckoned with at the World Cup at the end of the month.

As I mentioned in my previous post, there was a large Australian squad taken to Tasmania that included three keepers. I played the first half in game 1 and the second half in game 2, fortunately recording two clean sheets in my time on the field. Generally as a keeper in the Aussie team you only get a handful of touches each game due to the quality of the defence in front of you, so it makes every involvement you do have in the match all the more important. My favourite for the week was a save from a Korean deflection inside the final two minutes of the close win in game two. Fellow GK’s Bazeley and Burgers shared the net in game three and we all now face a week of training and intra-squad matches before we find out which two of us will be heading to India for the World Cup.

One habit that I like to follow whenever possible prior to a match is to spend some time on the field before the warm-up just visualising the game from my position. This is not always an option, particularly when playing a club game or during a tournament when the turf is being used for another game immediately prior to playing myself. However during a test series against another nation there is often time available to spend taking in some of the relevant cues from the goal, such as the impact of the sun’s glare or any potentially distracting obstacles in the background. This is particularly useful when you are playing at an unfamiliar venue, and I was caught in the act here during the Korean series in the picture I have included.

Until next time,


Australia – Korea Test Series

The Kookaburras have played their first test for 2010 in Hobart, recording a 5-1 win over Korea in match one of three this week.

Coach Ric Charlesworth brought a squad of 25 players to Tasmania for the series as he looks to finalise the 18 that will represent Australia at the World Cup in India next month. The group includes all three keepers who represented the Kookaburras in 2009, with the intention being to share the load against Korea by playing two halves each over the three games.

I was in the net for the opening whistle yesterday and was happy that we went into the half time break 1-0 up after Des Abbott put one away for Australia after 17 minutes. The crowd in Hobart was fantastic and it was a buzz as always to represent my country, but particularly enjoyable given the great reception we received in Tasmania. It was my first game in my new Green and Gold pads that OBO made up for me, and so far so good – no goals conceded!

Nathan Burgers took over in the second half and in the end we were comfortable winners, although given Korea’s habit in the recent Champions Trophy of coming back from big deficits to salvage results we were wary of their talent right until the final whistle. Games two and three will be played over the weekend, I’ll let you know how we go!

Cheers, Ross.

Philippe Thiltges OBO Profile

Austrian mens goalkeeper Philippe Thiltges’s OBO profile.

Philippe Thiltges

What club you play for: WAC

What Country you play for: Austria

Great achievements:


Playing U21 Europeans Championsships in every Pool (C, B, A);

Playing in the spanish Premier League as Nr 1 Keeper for R.S. Tenis

Euro Hockey Championship A-Pool in Amsterdam


Selected for “Best Goalkeeper of the tournament” at European Cup A Pool 2005 in Vienna with only 18 years

2006 European Championship (A-Pool) in Holland

U21 European Champion 2007 (A-Pool) in Zagreb

List of gear you use:

OBO ROBO Hi-Rebound Kickers & Legguards, OBO ROBO Body Armour, OBO High Rebound Gloves, OBO Helmet, OBO Fat Boy

Best goalie memory: Winning the game against Wales at Europeans U21 B-Pool which promoted us for the A-Pool to null. (1:0)

Saving a lot in the game against Belgium at the European Championship in Amsterdam in front of some thousand spectators.

How often do you train: 3 times a week with the Club, 1 time a week national team, 1 time a week special keepers training with ballmachine in the morning

International caps: aprox. 25

International debut: Eindhoven 2006

Any secret tips: you play only for yourself never let anyone pressure you into it.

Goals in life: Being well educated and finding a challenging job which should also offer the possibility to go on with hobbies and find some time for family & friends.