What do you wear on your feet in goal?

Over the years I have had big problems finding shoes to fit from school to trainers.

Currently I use a pair of Vanz/DC skateboarding shoes.

Now they are wide and short just like my feet, fit lovely.

But I have upped my game this year and as the shoes have no grip being very flat, so finding getting around gets a bit sloppy. (look at image under post)

I do have a pair of Grays astro shoes but they too long and I just can’t use them. The studs on the bottom also make it impossible to get in my kickers.

So I am asking you. Goalies around the world to help me find something that I can fist ware and second fit into my kickers.



Size feet…… UK 11 for the width. UK 8-9 for length.

OBO Yahooooo Kickers


Sorry for bad English.

Hockey shoes!

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to develop field hockey shoes for goalkeepers with strap ridges cut out of the grips on the sole of the shoe.  My idea is to develop a waterproof shoe but  bulky enough to fill out the kickers nicely and never slip out of the kickers because the straps slot into nice grooves just for them and the goalkeeper also has better surface traction because there is no risk of slipping in the straps.

What do you think about the idea?

Do you like it?

Shoes for Robo Kickers

Hi everyone,
I have robo sp kickers (large) and am having problems getting them to sit flush with the sole of my shoe and also the front strap always comes off – currently I just have asic running shoes. I know I’ll never get a perfect fit but does anyone know any particular shoes that accommodate robo large kickers well or any ways of modifying shoes to allow a more secure fit?

cheers- Chesky