Robo hi-control size issue

The club I play for has been updating all our kit so I have just received the new robo hi-control kickers. Unfortunately nobody checked with me for sizing so I’ve been given the large kickers (uk size8 1/2+) and I am only a size 3 1/2…:S

I wanted to know if there’s anyway I can make the kickers fit me better (except for tightening all the buckles obviously) or if it will affect my game and I would be better off playing with my old pair of yahoo kickers.

Any help appreciated!!!

Handling nerves

I tend to hype myself up too much for a match and then I end up getting so nervous of letting the team down that I usually end up making a crucial mistake. Tomorrow the womens team I joined have our first match….against the womens team from the club I played for, for 7 years. I really want to perform well because I not only want to prove a point to my old club but also I don’t want my new club to think that I’m not 100% commited to them.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!!!

5th at World Cup

The World cup is almost over, with only the 3v4 and 1v2 final to go tonight. For us we have finished our tour in 5th place after beating Korea 2-1 in our final match. It has been a really great trip with plenty of highs and lows but I have enjoyed my time in Rosario and relished the chance to mingle with locals, learn more about the culture hear and also speak a bit of Spanish. The Argies certainly know how to put on a show and are so pationate about hockey, which is wonderful to see. Now we head home and after a weeks break start our preparation as a team for the Commonwealth Games. Should be great!

Two from Two

Two games down and the Hockeroos are in a great position at the world cup. Yesterday we beat India 6-3 and our first game was 2-1 against Japan.

Some really good performances in the chilly Argentinian conditions. Today we will all rest up for our big game against the Dutch tomorrow. Usual plan on a rest day is to sleep in, have a few meetings, see the physio if necessary, get the goalie gear washed of course and then start looking towards the next game. Keep an eye out as it should be a tight battle.