Champions trophy

Well, what can we say? Another year of champions trophy is now over for the women. It was a great competition and it is even better to see that now the top 8 teams is the world are so close.

Interestingly there are some new techniques that international goalkeepers are trying. These techniques are mainly to combat the drag flick, which is relatively new in the women’s game. There was a mix of goalkeepers diving more and a mix staying more on their feet, I think that both these techniques have advantages and disadvantages. I’d be interested to hear your views.

The final (Argentina v Holland) saw the new one-on-ones used versus the good old penalty shoot out. This is the first major tournament that this has been used. I think it was a crowd pleaser as there were lots of cheers.

The outstanding upstanding new OBO wheelie bag for 2011

Over the next couple of months  you should start seeing a completely new range of bags appearing at your local OBO stockist. New designs… new colors … same quality materials and construction.  We have made heaps of changes to the wheelie bag though … have a squiz at these photos …

Look Mum … no hands –  I can stand all on my own ! From now on your bag will not occupy half the changing room or dug out. Pack and unpack in the “lying down” position but then just park it up.

left hand apparal storage pocket

Roomy End apparel storage pocket so that you can keep articles dry and separate from the gear in the main compartment of the bag.

nick knack pocket

A handy nick knack pocket for smaller items that you need ready access to.

telescopic handle

Telescopic handle recessed in a zipped compartment so it won’t get busted in transit.

end handles

Two comfy padded “end handles” on the top of the bag are back so that the wheelie can be easily loaded into the boot of a car.

smelly stuff pocket

A smelly stuff pocket in the main compartment of the bag for smaller smelly items you need to keep separate and in an easily accessible place.

pe inserts for shape

Plastic inserts for both sides of the bag providing shape for the bag and protection. Total size is a little bigger than the old model   …its now weally weally big !

reinforced end

A sturdy base for strength and protection from  all the mess and dirt created by your team mates.

Carry bags are also available in the new colour scheme.

Let us know what you think about the changes in the comments below.