Toni Cronks review of the new robo chest

Dear Amazing person

We thought you might like to see this feedback on the new ROBO chest guard form Toni Cronk… Australian National Goalie. Toni’s comments (in red boxes around the edges of the fact and feature sheet) are really valuable to us, as they enable us to improve on small aspects of the product. We really value player feedback… from national goalies like Toni, to beginners; as while we know OBO products are good, we also know that they can be even better. We really do listen to feedback … so please keep it coming !


Simon and the committed team at OBO New Zealand

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4 thoughts on “Toni Cronks review of the new robo chest”

  1. Whats with the change of manufacturer? I notice the new body armour is no longer made in New Zealand. When will this new body armour be available in New Zealand?

    1. With complaints from our customers that our body armour is too expensive due to high labour costs in New Zealand, we have had no choice but to move production of the new Robo Chest to Asia. We stayed with a New Zealand manufactured product for as long as we could. The new chest will be available in New Zealand from about April.

  2. Does the new chest come with the arm guards, or are they available seperately like the elbow guards? the chest guard is pictured in the new range chart with the arm guards but haven’t seen any info on it yet.

    1. We ship the new robo chest from our factory separate from arm protection. Our thinking is that we would like to give customers the option to choose whether they would like to pair the chest with full arm guards or an elbow guard. Retailers may in fact opt to package the armour as set so it could depend on where you buy.

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