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Alistair McGregor plays club hockey for Loughborough Students and his country, first representing Scotland in 2001 accumulating 114 caps to date. The 28 year old PE teacher received his first Great Britain cap in October 2007 and recently helped Team GB earn a 5th place finish at the Beijing Olympics. This was Great Britain’s best finish since winning Gold in 1988. McGregor’s outstanding performances during the Olympics was reflected when Great Britain Hockey named Alistair as its Athlete of the Year for 2008, he was selected as The Hockey writers player of the year and named for the World All-star team of 2008.

More information on Ali is available via his OBO profile

Hi Ali, 2008 was a massively successfully year for you, congratulations. What’s in-store for the 09/10 season ahead?

I am going to be Loughbough Captain and we will hopefully get back into the EHL. Next Year is the Commonwealth games with Scotland so i will be busy preparing for that.

It always makes me laugh when…i see goalkeepers wearing kit that is not OBO, i feel like going over to them and letting them know the error of their ways.

The thing I love most is…chilling at home with my girlfriend (good answer , that will keep her happy)

It annoys me when…i see OBO goalkeepers not using the ROBO right hand, i wonder if this is a fashion statement they are trying to make.

In my fridge I always havemilk, as I always eat cereal before i go to training.

The book I am currently reading is…The 7 habits of Highly Effective People by Steve Covey.

My favourite TV show is…don’t really have one, we watch lots of TV series when we have time on hockey trips. At the Commonwealth Games a group of 6 of us got hooked on watching 24!!!

My favourite band/group is…too hard to pick one, I love loads of types of music. The lads in the team laugh at my obscure music knowledge, useful for quiz though.

My stand out childhood memory is…when I tried to make my own goalkeeper kit out of polystyrene blocks. The ball hit them once and they fell apart, I was gutted as they took me hours to make.

My ideal holiday is…
one were I can chill out but there also needs to be plenty to do like swimming, watersports etc. I hate lying in the sun doing nothing I get bored very quickly.

My favourite item of OBO kit is…the custom painted helmets. I had a union jack one for the Olympics and loads of people have asked me about it. One guy offered me £500 for it, I think I just laughed at him, that is one item of kit that I will keep forever.

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My favourite training exercise is…when you work so hard that our coach is the one that has to stop because he is knackered before you. There is an excellent one tat we do with 8 balls around the D that you have to smother and return to your goal. There is nothing better than the feeling of being worked to the extreme, in a weird way i love that feeling!!!!

The best save I have ever made is…I think its hard to have a best ever save, the most important save i made was in the Olympic Qualifier final vs India when I saved a deflection with my toe at 1-0 up!!!

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The worst injury I have had is…when I dislocated my ankle, no not playing hockey, it was Volleyball!!!

The best advise I can pass on is…
be positive in everything that you do, learn from your mistakes and remember goalkeepers really are amazing people!!!!

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Ali McGregor OBO Profile

We have just added Ali McGregor’s profile to OBO’s list of particularly amazing people.

What club you play for: Loughborough Students
What Country you play for:Scotland and GB
Great achievements: Winning the Olympic Qualifier with GB
Olympic Games 2008
Being named in the World Allstar Team for 2008
List of gear you use: All ROBO gear, why would you use anything else?
Best goalie memory: Winning the Olympic Qualifier in Chile, beating India 2-0
How often do you train: 6 days a week
International caps:114
International debut: 2001 vs India
Any secret tips: Always have a routine that you follow for training and games
Goals in life: To be happy!

Rachael Lynch OBO Profile

We welcome Rachael Lynch to OBO’s list of particularly amazing people.

Rachael made her Hockeyroos’ debut at the 2006 Champions Trophy in Amsterdam after some great performance in the 2006 AHL season. With veteran goalkeeper Rachel Imison now retired, Lynch will be looking to make the most of her opportunities.

toni cronk

What club you play for: Greensborough hockey club
What Country you play for: Australia
Great achievements: Hockeyroos selection, Club premiership
List of gear you use: OBO Robo high rebound leg guards and kickers, gloves, pants and body armour.
Best goalie memory: Saving strokes in our club grand final that we won.
How often do you train: Most days – gym, hockey, pilates, club games
International caps: 20
International debut: champions trophy June 2006
Any secret tips: Just watch the ball
Goals in life: Win a gold medal at London Olympics, Aid work as a nurse overseas

They’re Playing with our OBO

When you’re next watching an international field hockey match, chances are the goalies are wearing protective gear made by OBO, a Palmerston North company.

When you’re next watching an international field hockey match, chances are the goalies are wearing protective gear made by OBO, a Palmerston North company.

Dedicated to safe-keeping, OBO provides 60% of the world market for field hockey goalies. OBO is sold in 61 countries world-wide.

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“About half of the national hockey teams in the world use our products,” says OBO Managing Director Simon Barnett who, for the record, doesn’t even play the sport! “We saw a niche in the market and went for it. We do nothing else but make gear for goalies. “

OBO put their market leadership down to a unique product and customer focus. The “OBO foam” used in their gear has a tighter cell structure that wears slowly and thermo-bonding technology produces three-dimensional products that are stronger and enable the wearer to move more freely. For example, leg guards are pre-moulded to fit the leg and are shaped to reflect the way the body moves.

“Our gear has performance and protective qualities no other gear can hope to have,” says Simon.

“We involve goal keepers in several countries to provide ideas and to test prototypes as we develop equipment. Because goal keepers do the development work, our products are based on real needs. We also use professional product designers to put the finishing touches on our gear, so it not only works well, it looks great too!”

OBO has recently been selected by Industry New Zealand for its Fast Forward programme which supports high growth potential businesses.

Simon Barnett says the assistance from Industry New Zealand and Technology New Zealad has been invaluable in maintaining the company’s momentum as it moves into the global cricket market.

“It has enabled us to do a really good job in developing and testing our products and to access outside expertise when required.”

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