Commonwealth Games – Auzzie update

An update from the Commonwealth Games by Australian keeper Rachael Lynch

Hello from the Commonwealth Games…

I, along with all the Aussie girls are having a wonderful time in India. We have been hear for nearly 2 weeks now and have had an absolute ball. The village is heaps of fun, the people are so lovely, and meeting famous, unique and different types of athletes has been great. Today we played our 3rd game of the tournament and came away with our first draw. We beat Trinidad and Tobago 11-0 first game, India 2-1 second game, then drew 1-1 to South Africa today. Tomorrow we play Scotland in our final pool match. Keep an eye out as there should be many great games to come. The Kiwis are doing really well in the other pool so we may have a match up against them in the finals. Cant wait!!

Bye for now

Rach Lynch

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