Philippe Thiltges OBO Profile

Austrian mens goalkeeper Philippe Thiltgesā€™s OBO profile.

Philippe Thiltges

What club you play for: WAC

What Country you play for: Austria

Great achievements:


Playing U21 Europeans Championsships in every Pool (C, B, A);

Playing in the spanish Premier League as Nr 1 Keeper for R.S. Tenis

Euro Hockey Championship A-Pool in Amsterdam


Selected for “Best Goalkeeper of the tournament” at European Cup A Pool 2005 in Vienna with only 18 years

2006 European Championship (A-Pool) in Holland

U21 European Champion 2007 (A-Pool) in Zagreb

List of gear you use:

OBO ROBO Hi-Rebound Kickers & Legguards, OBO ROBO Body Armour, OBO High Rebound Gloves, OBO Helmet, OBO Fat Boy

Best goalie memory: Winning the game against Wales at Europeans U21 B-Pool which promoted us for the A-Pool to null. (1:0)

Saving a lot in the game against Belgium at the European Championship in Amsterdam in front of some thousand spectators.

How often do you train: 3 times a week with the Club, 1 time a week national team, 1 time a week special keepers training with ballmachine in the morning

International caps: aprox. 25

International debut: Eindhoven 2006

Any secret tips: you play only for yourself never let anyone pressure you into it.

Goals in life: Being well educated and finding a challenging job which should also offer the possibility to go on with hobbies and find some time for family & friends.