Champions trophy

Well, what can we say? Another year of champions trophy is now over for the women. It was a great competition and it is even better to see that now the top 8 teams is the world are so close.

Interestingly there are some new techniques that international goalkeepers are trying. These techniques are mainly to combat the drag flick, which is relatively new in the women’s game. There was a mix of goalkeepers diving more and a mix staying more on their feet, I think that both these techniques have advantages and disadvantages. I’d be interested to hear your views.

The final (Argentina v Holland) saw the new one-on-ones used versus the good old penalty shoot out. This is the first major tournament that this has been used. I think it was a crowd pleaser as there were lots of cheers.

The outstanding upstanding new OBO wheelie bag for 2011

Over the next couple of months  you should start seeing a completely new range of bags appearing at your local OBO stockist. New designs… new colors … same quality materials and construction.  We have made heaps of changes to the wheelie bag though … have a squiz at these photos …

Look Mum … no hands –  I can stand all on my own ! From now on your bag will not occupy half the changing room or dug out. Pack and unpack in the “lying down” position but then just park it up.

left hand apparal storage pocket

Roomy End apparel storage pocket so that you can keep articles dry and separate from the gear in the main compartment of the bag.

nick knack pocket

A handy nick knack pocket for smaller items that you need ready access to.

telescopic handle

Telescopic handle recessed in a zipped compartment so it won’t get busted in transit.

end handles

Two comfy padded “end handles” on the top of the bag are back so that the wheelie can be easily loaded into the boot of a car.

smelly stuff pocket

A smelly stuff pocket in the main compartment of the bag for smaller smelly items you need to keep separate and in an easily accessible place.

pe inserts for shape

Plastic inserts for both sides of the bag providing shape for the bag and protection. Total size is a little bigger than the old model   …its now weally weally big !

reinforced end

A sturdy base for strength and protection from  all the mess and dirt created by your team mates.

Carry bags are also available in the new colour scheme.

Let us know what you think about the changes in the comments below.

Rachael Lynch: champions trophy practice games 2 & 3

Morning everyone

We have played 2 games since I last wrote, one against Germany which we lost 3 nil and then yesterday we played Korea and won 2-1. The game against Germany was my first game and was certainly a game of two halves. The first half was the best we have played so far which was really pleasing but in the second half things didn’t go so well. They scored a field goal and were given two strokes. As always Adam took it as a real positive and we were able to take heaps of lessons out of the game. I guess this is why you play games before a major tournament. Yesterdays game against Korea was great. A much improved performance, so everyone is now feeling good about champions.

Today we fly to Holland with all the other teams and will hopefully have a bit of free time when we get there to check out our location. I have stayed at this hotel before but it was on my debut tournament so my memory of it is a little blurred. We still have two more practice games before the tournament so plenty more to work on but looking forward to getting stuck into it.

You may be pleased to know that we haven’t escaped the rain over here that facebook tells me everyone is experiencing back home. We were able to test out our new water proof jackets yesterday and luckily enough they came through with the goods. Ok better go pack. Chat soon

Sorry no photos this time


Rachael Lynch: champions trophy practice game 1

Hello from Germany

First day of games over and all teams are sitting even on 1 draw with 3 goals for and 3 against. We played the Argies yesterday and drew 3-3. It was a reasonable game and a pretty good start to the tour for us. The Argies were at full strength with the number one player in the world back after some time off and at one point we were beating them 3-1 so cant complain. One of our girls who was playing her first game scored a ripper goal after the goalie deliberately let it go in thinking it was outside the circle. Funnily enough though it wasn’t even close. Brain explosion I guess and a gks worst nightmare. I sat out yesterday and so had to watch the game through the video camera. Not nice. I was going cross eyed by the end. I did miss one of our goals so hopefully that will secure me a spot on the field next game and never filming again 😛

The other game, Ger v Korea was also a 3-3 draw which was pretty exciting. Goals are always great. The Koreans are playing one short now as in a practice match the other day an Argie smacked one of the girls in the jaw with her stick. Accident of course. She had multiple fractures and had to have surgery. ouch!!

Today is a rest day so not much happening but I have included a few photos for you to have a look at. Including one very unattractive one of Cronky and I where I look like a Gigantor! We got a new uniform before we left and our lovely sponsor decided to give us both small goalie smocks. We are both now at risk of dislocating our shoulders every time we put them on. Eeek! The other photos are just muck around ones. More to come.

Next game is against Germany so ill be in touch after that


Updated facts & features for 2011

We’ve updated our facts & features for 2011. You can download the updated versions in PDF format using the links below…

110 Robo HI REBOUND Legguards
120 Robo HI REBOUND Kickers
130 Robo HI REBOUND Right Hand Protector
150 Robo Hotpants
170 Robo Body Armour
210 Robo HI CONTROL Legguards
220 Robo HI CONTROL Kickers
230 Robo HI CONTROL Right Hand Protector
310 Cloud Legguards
320 Cloud Kickers
350 Cloud Hotpants
370 Cloud Body Armour
410 Yahoo Legguards
420 Yahoo Kickers
470 Yahoo Body Armour
510 OGO Legguards
520 OGO Kickers