Awesome new chest guard

Hey all I just wanted to let you know how great I think that the new chest guard is (Previous post). I got a very hard hit on the shoulder about a week ago and I think that the new chest guard performed very well. I believe if I was in anything else the hit would have floored me.

Also I got a hit in the middle of the chest today and hardly felt it at all.

So far this new chest guard is performing great.

32″ stick

Hey all, I wanted to share with you why I think that using 32″ stick is useful. I was finding the end of the handle annoying so I thought about going to a shorter stick to eliminate this problem. Using a shorter stick still provides the same amount of coverage out the end of my glove as can be illustrated by the photos below. Also the use of a shorter stick makes it just that little bit lighter for aerial saves. I have not found any disadvantages yet, but I would be interested in your thoughts about the use of a 32″ stick.

I do recommend that if you are going to try a shorter stick that you put a thicker piece of tape at the end of the handle for a sensory reminder, that you are at the end of the stick.

Toni Cronk 36.5" stick
Toni Cronk 36.5" stick
Toni Cronk 32" stick
Toni Cronk 32" stick

Champions trophy

Well, what can we say? Another year of champions trophy is now over for the women. It was a great competition and it is even better to see that now the top 8 teams is the world are so close.

Interestingly there are some new techniques that international goalkeepers are trying. These techniques are mainly to combat the drag flick, which is relatively new in the women’s game. There was a mix of goalkeepers diving more and a mix staying more on their feet, I think that both these techniques have advantages and disadvantages. I’d be interested to hear your views.

The final (Argentina v Holland) saw the new one-on-ones used versus the good old penalty shoot out. This is the first major tournament that this has been used. I think it was a crowd pleaser as there were lots of cheers.

Commonweath Games 2010

Hi All,

Thought I would update you on some of the going on’s at the commonwealth games. So far we have met Prince Charles, Camilla and Prince Edward. We (Australia) had our flag raising ceremony which was a spectacular of Indian culture. Last night we marched in the opening ceremony which was an amazing life experience with vibrant colours and dancing mixed in with a little bit of heat…

We are resting up today for our first game tomoza v Trinidad and Tobago.


Toni Cronk

World Cup 2010

Hey All,

It is the eve of the World Cup. I am looking forward to both the challenge and the experience. I feel we are well prepared and ready.

We don’t play our first game until Monday, we play Japan. We are going out tomorrow to watch the first game (Argentina v’s South Africa), which should be a good start to the tournament.


Toni Cronk

Commonwealth Games Preparation June

Many thanks to solubleduck who asked what sort of training and preparation is needs for the Commonwealth Games.

Well solubleduck, due to the Commonweatlh Games being directly after the World Cup in Argentina most of our preparation is focused around the World Cup which will lead us nicely into the Commonwealth Games.  Currently the Hockeyroos are on tour in Europe. This tour will include focused training sessions and also extra fitness work. As we get closer to the competition trainings will be tailored to more game scenario drills.

Our normal week includes roughly 6 on field sessions as well as a number of strength and conditioning sessions followed by recovery sessions each week.

Teams are always looking at ways to stay on top and ahead of the others. The world of women’s international competition is fiercely competitive these days. Teams need to be fit and resilient to be competitive.

Hope that goes someway to answer your question solubleduck.

Please keep the questions coming.


Toni Cronk