Updated facts & features for 2011

We’ve updated our facts & features for 2011. You can download the updated versions in PDF format using the links below…

110 Robo HI REBOUND Legguards
120 Robo HI REBOUND Kickers
130 Robo HI REBOUND Right Hand Protector
150 Robo Hotpants
170 Robo Body Armour
210 Robo HI CONTROL Legguards
220 Robo HI CONTROL Kickers
230 Robo HI CONTROL Right Hand Protector
310 Cloud Legguards
320 Cloud Kickers
350 Cloud Hotpants
370 Cloud Body Armour
410 Yahoo Legguards
420 Yahoo Kickers
470 Yahoo Body Armour
510 OGO Legguards
520 OGO Kickers

19 thoughts on “Updated facts & features for 2011”

  1. still surprised the the HiRB RHP hasn’t been redesigned considering so many keepers (incl myself) find it necessary to take a knife to it.

  2. @Folmer… it’s working for me

    @Rosbif … We continue to make small modifications to the right, however, we will soon start work on a complete revision. It’s too early to even suggest an availability date… but know that we are working on it.

  3. Just noticed: The Robo kickers now also come in XL. Not that I need it, but it’s good for those with large feet as I know several GKers where L was too small.

    Are the LG’s now also available in XL? And what length is the tongue? (as I heard some people need to cut the tongue of there L kickers to fit in LG’s size M)

  4. Does anyone have/know someone who does have any Yellow cloud 9 kickers (size large)??
    I am looking for a pair as have recently bought the yellow legguards. I live in the UK and so this is only for UK keepers! 😀 Thanks

  5. @ Angel Keeper:
    While you are still groing I wouldn’t bother getting your own gear. Especially if the club provides adequate kit. If you do want to get your own stuff go for kickers first, gloves second.
    At your age Yahoo would provide sufficient protection.
    Also before buying kit, consider what level you want to play and if you are good enough to get there. (be realistic) It is useless to fork out the cash for Robos (international level) if Clouds (sub-national level) or even yahoos (Regional) would suffice.

  6. Does anyone else have large kickers and medium leg pads?

    If they have, do they feel it necessary to trim some of the foam off the top of the kicker tongue as they just dont seem to sit right. and seem to be taking chunks out of my nice leg pads 🙁

    Also can anyone from obo confirm if the tongues on the medium and large kickers are the same size or different lengths?


  7. can’t remember how much I cut off but it was around 2-3 cm i think.
    definitely has to be done

    i got this eail from OBO when I was wondering the same

    The large kicker tongue is a little too long for the tongue recess in the medium legguard. It’s definitely okay to take a sharp craft knife and trim the tops of the kicker tongues down so that it fits properly.

    Mike Lewis
    OBO Hockey


  8. ahh thanks

    thats great 🙂 il try find some medium kickers and take some measurements, then cut them
    ready for tonights practice and see how i get on 🙂

    Thanks for the help

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