The outstanding upstanding new OBO wheelie bag for 2011

Over the next couple of months  you should start seeing a completely new range of bags appearing at your local OBO stockist. New designs… new colors … same quality materials and construction.  We have made heaps of changes to the wheelie bag though … have a squiz at these photos …

Look Mum … no hands –  I can stand all on my own ! From now on your bag will not occupy half the changing room or dug out. Pack and unpack in the “lying down” position but then just park it up.

left hand apparal storage pocket

Roomy End apparel storage pocket so that you can keep articles dry and separate from the gear in the main compartment of the bag.

nick knack pocket

A handy nick knack pocket for smaller items that you need ready access to.

telescopic handle

Telescopic handle recessed in a zipped compartment so it won’t get busted in transit.

end handles

Two comfy padded “end handles” on the top of the bag are back so that the wheelie can be easily loaded into the boot of a car.

smelly stuff pocket

A smelly stuff pocket in the main compartment of the bag for smaller smelly items you need to keep separate and in an easily accessible place.

pe inserts for shape

Plastic inserts for both sides of the bag providing shape for the bag and protection. Total size is a little bigger than the old model   …its now weally weally big !

reinforced end

A sturdy base for strength and protection from  all the mess and dirt created by your team mates.

Carry bags are also available in the new colour scheme.

Let us know what you think about the changes in the comments below.

14 thoughts on “The outstanding upstanding new OBO wheelie bag for 2011”

  1. These look great! I knew there was a reason I hadn’t bought a new gear bag yet. I have an OBO Wheelie bag and it’s lasted me for almost 9 years but is looking very worn now!

  2. I’ve just purchased the new bag, lovely pockets, colour, zips, enough space for everything. Smaller pocket for cell phone and wallet/purse. There are side panels at bottom of bag for you to place on the sides for shape, the handles on the top help with lifting into a vehicle. I also appreciate how the bag can stand upright even on grass.
    Add a drop of oil to the wheels. Nice bag!!!!!!!

  3. I really like the idea of the new bag, and the colours are amazing, however, the one thing I like better about the old one was that it had carrying straps. There are no carrying straps on this one in case you want to carry the bag over your shoulder due to things such as mud, uneven ground, etc. Sure it can be pulled around, stand up, and has the two little handles for lifting it up into a car, but I think it still should have had the carrying straps on it. Obviously the other bag in the line has them but no wheels, but the older models had straps as well.

  4. The colour of orange and blue are more striking and eye catching
    unlike these new colours as well you should introduce the carry
    straps at the sides for the reason stated by previous critics/commentators. Please bring the old colour back as an
    option and also the straps. The only thing to criticise about the old
    bag is its inability to stand up.

  5. Great idea standing up. However, it is also missing a rain cover. Look at the Mercian Ultimate. Rain Cover to pull out when you need.

    Also helps for keeping rain away. Get the cover out, and it doesn’t rain. Don’t get it out, and the rain comes. Not sure OBO can do much about that.

  6. Have to say, I really like the new bag, HOWEVER, I recently replaced the “old” model with the “old” model, simply because of the new bag not having carry straps… there’s no way I could carry a bag up 4 flights of stairs 3 times a week without them.

    And a rain cover is a MUST!

    apart from that, I think the bag is near on perfect, but just not right for those that live in flats ( or rainy/wet areas!!) 😛


  7. I love the new bag! It’s so bright and colourful! I just recently replaced my old bag with this one but have yet to use it because I can’t get the side panels to fit. They are too big for the inside on the bag and don’t fit without bending. Any suggestions on what to do?

    1. Unfortunately some of the side panels are a bit big and therefore hard to install. Grab a pair of heavy duty scissors and trim about 10 mm off the entire circumference of the side panel. We have implemented a size reduction in these panels for future production. Sorry about the hassle.

  8. I have just got this bag. So far it looks great and stands really well.

    But need some tips on how best to pack it. I have full ROBO gear with hi-rebound pads and can’t seam to get everything in and be able to make use of the pockets.

    Can you advise on how best to pack the stuff in

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