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My favourite piece of kit is the ROBO Hi Rebound Kicker because i have lost count of the times i have misplaced my foot and because of there size the ball deflects off the end hits the post and goes wide:) with my old cloud kickers the ball would just bounce over it. Also the ROBO kickers provide more protection as a keeper the last thing you want to be worrying about is weather or not your kit will protect you against that huge centre forward…ROBO Kickers Rule.

Hi-Rebound Kickers Review: Why They Don’t Stink

So I’ve had these high rebound kickers for just over a year now, and I have to say, they are probably the best piece of equipment I’ve invested in. They’re light, and best of all they look slick.

High Rebound... again...

I play quite a mixed game, running around the place a lot, staying on my feet, unless faced with a situation where I need to slide/dive. The high rebound kickers suit everything perfectly. I’d like to think I play at a relatively high level, although there’s higher, I’m happy to announce that I’ve had no major injuries at the time of talking. Sure I’ve had the odd knock, and the rare shot that’s hard enough will hurt you even through the kickers, but the average shot is barely even felt when kicking/blocking the ball.

The size and shape of it is another point that’s worthy of note. Other kickers I have tried, your shoe barely fits in with a normal hockey shoe. So you need to go for one of the football astroturf shoes, which well, offer less protection than the hockey shoes do, due to the materials used and that the soles are about 2mm thick. The shape of these fits any sort of shoe, forgetting the shoes you wear for keeping is no longer a problem, as any old pair of runners you own will do the case with these kickers. The integrated locking system is perfect too, only on the most desperate of dives and attempts have I ever experienced any sort of a problem with twisting of the legguard, and even then the twisting is minimal, and you’re still highly protected. Considering my legguards are rubbish and had to be brought into the shop to get most of it replaced, I had a TK leggaurd for the most part of a week, and even with them, they work perfectly, even if the people here may think of the TK gear as “unclean”

They come in flat pack, which obviously isn’t great. It means you need to wear then in and all, but I’ve found the advice given with the kickers, about the hair dryer to mould them to help a lot. I was originally scared when buying them, that they’d take too long to mould, and I had trials for a representative squad coming up. But I found that after about a week of wearing them in at training, I was already able to wear them perfectly, and they’d nearly taken shape, and I had no problems with the tongue. Although a small word of advice, should you have a problem with the tongue, don’t be afraid to wear a pair of shin guards underneath the kickers till they reach comfort levels. Just don’t do it too long, as the most important person on the pitch you don’t want to be looking like a sissy do you?

The rebound levels are perfect! I bought the kickers not really knowing what to expect in that regard. I stepped out onto the pitch, and immediately loved them due to the rebound off them. I don’t know how many times I’ve been able to get the ball up to my strikers, and set up a scoring opportunity, which as a keeper is always an added bonus. You don’t need to put particular attention into clearances any more either, on the quicker shots you simply need to react, and watch the ball fly! The rebound can have a drawback though, It the ball comes up off the kicker, its really comes up. A slightly raised ball coming off the kicker will go playing across the D, and has often resulted in a short corner. Not that great in that respect.

I know at this stage I’m waffling on a bit about how great these things are, and to be honest with you, I am dragging on about their greatness. But its alright, because they deserve it, or at least they deserve a longer review then one on yourself. The straps, so that I can make it a slight bit longer, are brilliant. They’re not those weird plastic things, with the whole, like a belt, that other company’s use, and that take about 8 minutes of your very valuable time to put on. Nor is the buckle to small, so it holds tight, which is great, it means its secure, and whatnot. Trust me, its a good thing. The kicker straps are good too. Durable, and they’re inside, making the kicking surface on the outside of the kicker bigger, which again, is good.

Although there’s a huge amount of pluses with the high rebound kickers, there some minor drawbacks that annoy me:

The front Strap: The front strap for the kickers needs to be brought back a good 1 to 1.5 centimetres. When sliding I often encounter the problem that I end up with that strap between the padding and my shoe, leaving the kicker pointing up towards the sky, and my toe vulnerable to anything the striker decides to throw at it. There’s that extra strap to hold them together, but it gets in the way a bit, and sort of annoys me. Bring it back as I said, and it should be all good.

Wearing: Although the hard wearing layer at the bottom of the kicker is brilliant, there’s some big problems with the wearing that the kicker encounters. After about 8 months the hard layer wears away at the bottom, probably even quicker if playing on older sand based or grit pitches. Ever since then the kicker has been disintegrating at a rapid rate, and although its going to last at least another season, I’d like to see the kicker last a little bit longer, as they can be a bit of a drain on the back pocket of a teenager. I’m not really sure if there’s anyway to fix this, apart from make the durable layer thicker or something

We need green! Although the orange that I have is bright and sexy, I don’t really think there’s enough of a colour option in the kicker department. We have black, blue and orange, and it just isn’t enough. I like being individual, and as everybody knows, if you look good you feel good, and you’ll play good. I want something mental to head out in, like green kickers, and white and orange legguards, You know, go for that Irish look, and if its dazzling, the opposition will have something pretty to look at as they fail to get the ball past me.

Very minor niggles there, especially the last one, which is why I’m gonna conclude in saying that anybody that doesn’t buy these things the next time they’re out to buy a set of kickers, is a fool, and deserves to rot in the world of mediocre kickers, lower leagues, and sore feet. Straight out (well not quite) 9/10 for me. They do everything they have to and more, they just need the odd adjustment and whatnot. But I apart from my 3 little points, I’m not sure where the improve the little beauties. Buy them, buy them now! And no, they do not stink! I would also like to apologize for my horrible spelling.

Review of Robo Hi Control RHP

During the November sale last year, I bought my own first pair of hand protectors: The Robo Hi Controls. The first time I tried them out, the difference was incredible…

During the November sale last year, I bought my own first pair of hand protectors: The Robo Hi Controls. The first time I tried them out, the difference was incredible…


The Gist

The Robo Hi Control Right Hand Protector is an amazing piece of gear. The technology incorporated is as complicated as a rocket and clearly built for both performance and comfort. The outside of the RHP is as solid as a rock. The “clunk” sound it makes when it’s being hit is very distinguishable. The high-density foam used makes it superior to other hand protectors, in my opinion. The one thing I believe is amazing, is the fact the they used a different foam and probably moulded the little lines along the bottom for when you are going into a log, slide, or dive. When I am going into a slide, I don’t notice anything when my fist hits the ground. The transition from landing on the flat side of the HP to the roll onto my side is impeccably fluid.

Injury  🙁

Previously, a problem I had had with my first RHP, is that whenever I slid, logged or dove and the ball hit my RHP, my hand – especially my thumb – would get quite rattled and a small bruise would even appear on my thumb after the game. I have never had this problem since November. I discovered this is because of the high-density foam on the outside but also a smoother, more comfortable foam on the inside and comforters that line the hand grips. The comforters provide a far more useful utility other than simply, well, comforting the hand. They absorb the water and sweat around the hand that allow me to keep a solid grip on my stick.

What’s the Diff?

Before I got my Robo RHP, the only thing between me and that solid ball was a single layer of mediocre and worn-out foam. My new RHP is made of at least three different foams. It’s hard and durable on the outside and like a feather blanket on the inside 🙂

The finger straps on my previous HP kept coming undone during my game – REALLY dangerous and annoying. This has happened a few times on my new one but every HP I have used this happened. I think it’s a never-ending problem really because my thumb always seems to be moving! The comforters are the ultimate difference I think. My hand has never felt so good being hit at 50 km/h 🙂

I seriously recommend this RHP for players who are “nuts” – a.k.a., diving all over the place like crazy. I have not tried the Hi Rebound model but from what my fellow keepers tell me, their wrist seem to always wobble when they are going into log, dive of slide. I have never had this problem with the Hi Control version.

See for your self:



Read more on the ROBO Hi Control RHP at the OBO website

OBO Hi-Control Legguard’s Review


When I purchased my Hi-Control legguards (in my first ever Obo spending spree), I wasn’t sure what to expect- apart from I had heard great things about them from other keepers. I find the hi-controls easy to run in and move about in but overall I was impressed by them because rebound is very good and the ball ends up being in a perfect place away from the attackers.

In the women’s league that I play in the shots are very powerful so the rebound comes into use/effect. I am only 14 so I have to play junior hockey as well for my school, where the shots have almost no power in them, the ball just falls to the ground (off the legguard) where I can kick it away. At first I wasn’t sure about how to effectively control the ball away but over the last few months I have learn’t to control the ball away from the attacker(s). The legguards fit onto my legs and over my Hi-Rebound kickers perfectly and they don’t twist when I dive or get up from a dive. When I am landing from a dive they protect my knees and other bones well (especially compared to other brands gear. A year ago I dislocated my knee from a high, dive landing in my old kit!!)

To improve the legguards I would make them in a numerous amount of colours and I would make the part where you put your leg, about 5cm shorter because sometimes it (depending on what shorts you wear) is a tight fit to have the legguards and the shorts in the right pace because they overlap. I can’t really think of anything else to improve them because overall they fulfill my needs. I haven’t tried the Hi-rebound legguards but at the moment so I can  not compare but compared to my previous legguards that I have used (such as: TK GX4, Slazenger school goalie kit, and the Grays G200) they are absolutely brilliant.

Alton Womens Goalie

Camo Hi Control Gear

Here is a cheeky shot of Animal showcasing the Hi Control Camo range.

animal camo

(Please note you do not require a beard of this nature to wear this kit, although it is a nice touch!)

This kit is currently only available in Australia, and it has been well received here. What are your thoughts on the kit?


You can get the Camo Hi Control gear including a free Camo smock as shown above from Hockey World, Australia website link here.

Ps: Good to see you have an Adult helmet now Animal!

OBO Elbow Guard Product Tour

Our ROBO Elbow guard is in the final stages of our βeta testing programme and we are just making the final tweaks before we launch the product. This product will in your local OBO supplier soon.


Here is a quick video displaying how the elbow guard is reversible so you can adjust the product to suit your style of play…. Some keepers prefer to have more protection on their forearm and others on their biceps.

I have also taken a few photos to demonstrate how the guard will work with full or half protection with Hi Control and Hi Rebound RHP’s. To view the presentation click below.


Keep an eye out in our βeta testing section to get more views on this and other new OBO products.

Here is a link to NicfromSweeden’s review

Review of OBO ROBO elbow protectors and OBO Senior Knee protectors

Review of OBO ROBO elbow protectors and OBO Senior Knee protectors

by Niclas Franzén Swedish national goalkeeper and goalkeeper for Partille Sport Club

Please excuse my grammatical and spelling errors
This review consist of three parts “First impression”, “Review after testing” and “Pictures”

First impression

Elbow pads
At first look I was a bit confused with its “weird” design and at first try I thought they were the bulkiest pads I had ever tried BUT then I started to take a closer look at the elbow pads and noticed what I would like to call GENIOUS design! First I started by just adjusting the straps a bit and this made it fit nicer then I removed the “elbowpit”/forearm/bicep protection and I was in love basically all the bulk was gone and they fitted better with my SP gloves especially the right one and when I tried to remove the ground/inner protection the pad became even better!

I’m wearing them around the house for the moment to get used to the feeling (I have not used elbow protection for a long time so it’s a bit odd for me at first) without having a go with them in goal yet I really think OBO have designed a product that able to catch a really really wide audience. When using all protection it’s like a full arm guard and when removing the first pad it becomes a protective elbow protector and when taking the last part away it becomes a super flexible elbow protector (of course I understand that protection will not be as good but for me who is used to not having anything at all its still much better than nothing. I feel that the elbow bone is well protected and so is the forearm I think it will be great for PCs when going down because the most brittle parts of the arm is protected it’s just like I want it

The only slight downside with the pad is that I don’t think some of the elastics is tight enough when removing all the extra protection but it’s a easy fix with the good old sewing machine and maybe it says more about the size of my biceps than the product itself 😉

as for the kneepads they don’t hinder the movement to bad actually and after wearing them for a while they started to get the shape of my leg however I can’t get used to the straps at the back of my knee because of the straps but it might not be a issue when wearing long socks also I have yet to see how they fit with my girdle.

Review after testing

First of all I want to say FINALLY a elbow protector that’s designed for fieldhockey instead of a ice hockey elbow protector sold as a fieldhockey one.
After testing the elbow pads for one and a half month I feel I can give the pads a fair review after breaking them in properly. I like these elbow pads a lot and I they are certainly the best I have ever tried I like the idea that it’s possible to remove/add protection to make them fit the needs of the user. One might like to have full protection for training but just wants to wear the “shell” for games, personally I’m extremely sensitive when it comes to bulk and for over two years I have played “dutch” and I can honestly say that these elbow pads are the only reason I have even considered moving back to joint protection. With all protection they act like a small version of the full arm guards (a pair of full arms that fits the sp RHP much better than the actual full arms) with just the inner protection added you get added protection against the ground and also against balls that hits the elbow bone. Lastly with just the “shell” you get a good hard shell with some soft damping on the inside which is the way I use them I feel it gives me the best mix of protection and flexibility the full lower arm is protection and the elbow bone which are the pars of the arm I feel the need to protect. I lent the elbow protectors to another goalkeeper in my club who normally are using full arm protection and he was impressed by the flexibility and he still felt just as confident as when he use his full arm protection so I really do believe they fit all goalkeepers from the ones who loves playing “dutch” to the ones who swears by their full arm protection it might also be a good way if you want to go down from full arm protection to more flexible protection as you can remove the extra protection when you feel confident to do so.
I would say no matter how you use them the protection is still great both against the ground and against balls the hard plastic panels combined with the soft inner makes a perfect combination.

When I was testing these knee protectors I never got hit so I can’t comment on the protection but I was actually surprised how flexible the kneepads were after breaking them in, I would say that they don’t hinder my movement a bit and they fitted well both with my old OBO girdle as well as the newer model so that was not really a problem. They also managed to stay in place fairly well but could move a little after making several saves in a row but it was an easy fix as soon as the ball left the circle. Personally I have had a hard time adjusting to the feel of having something around my joint and even if it does not hinder me it’s a mental block to me so personally I’m not a huge fan of these. However I would have loved these as a junior when I got hit more on my knees and I could see why goalies who slide a lot would like these but these are really for everyone because we all get forced to do some more or less “ugly saves” from time to time (I have even heard a rumor the these kneepads were the reason Ali McGregor could play on after getting hit on the knee during the Olympics). I also lent the knee pads to the same keeper in my club who got to try the elbow pads and as I write he still have not given them back to me he just loves them (mental note I have to buy a pair for him when he has his birthday so I can keep mine for myself).
I think some goalkeepers will absolutely love them and some would hate them me myself is somewhere between these two camps I can’t say I love them but I can’t say I hate them either because after all it’s a good product who are going to give many keepers out there a little more confidence to know that even if they give the little extra during the match they will know for sure that they will be able to go to work Monday morning because let’s face it most of us got work on the side of hockey.

Pictures and explanation

Picture these are the parts of the elbow protector
Elbow protector with all parts

Elbow protector on arm with SP right hand protector

Elbow protector with just the “shell” no added protection

Elbow protector without any extra protection on arm with SP right hand protector

I hope people will find this review helpful and that it has given you a better idea of these great new OBO products.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


ROBO Fact and Feature Sheets

ROBO Fact and Feature Downloads.


Download the fact and feature sheets below;

ROBO hi control kickers

ROBO hi control legguards

ROBO hi rebound kickers

ROBO hi rebound legguards

ROBO body armour

ROBO helmet

ROBO hotpants

ROBO waterproof mesh overpants

ROBO hi rebound right hand protector, page 1 (5.80 MB)
ROBO hi rebound right hand protector, page 2 (5.82 MB)

Hi-Rebound Kit Report

SP Kit Report by Jimi Lewis of the GB Mens’ Team

SP Kit Report by Jimi Lewis of the GB Mens’ Team

robo legguards

– SP Pads.

The new design of pads is absolutely wicked – it combines the ultimate in protection, movement, comfort, technology and last, but by no means the least, STYLE!! I think this design is a giant leap forward, not just for OBO as a company, but for us GK’s too. Although the original style pads were groundbreaking and revolutionised hockey goalkeeping they needed updating and modernising. I found with the old style pad that shots across my body would tend to skid off the pad when I was full stretch, not anymore they don’t, now the flat edge of the pad not only blocks the ball but also guides it away safely to the side. Whoever thought of making the pads half HR and half HC is an absolute GENIUS!! Shots across the body or to side can be deflected away in a totally controlled manner and yet I still get the power and pace off the inside of the pad for the shot that comes down the middle of the goal, you know the 1 that goes through your legs sometimes and makes you look like an idiot!! The new SP pads have even stopped me getting nutmegged so often thanks to the new straight-lined shape of the inside. I’m naturally bowed legged (only slightly) so this coupled with the in and out design of the originals led to me letting a few shots through my legs and cries of “shut those taxi doors” from my team mates, but thankfully those days are long gone and now those shots go out faster than they came in!! Now that’s what I’d call modernisation!!!!

In brief the pads have more surface area to save shots with, no more shots skidding off the pad when at full stretch, I’d like to say ‘no more’ but I‘ll have to be honest and say ‘less’ shots going between the legs (it still happens occasionally, no more blaming the pads now though), a mixture of HC and HR (genius) and still I get the comfort and range of movement that you only get with OBO pads.


– SP Hand Protectors

Although the change to the left hand glove is only to turn it from HC to HR I’ve found that it makes a hell of a difference to how I’m able to clear the ball to safety. Whereas before I either had to play my hand towards the shot to get enough rebound off the glove to direct the ball to a safe area now all I need to do is angle my hand towards where I want the ball to go and glove does the work for me. This makes my job a lot easier as we all know the speeds shots can travel these days (especially with the introduction of composite sticks into our game – whoever thought of that has a lot to answer for!!) which means our reaction time is less so just being able to get your hand to the shot is a hard enough task, let alone then trying to play at it to clear it to safety. So the new left hand glove allows me to concentrate solely on saving the shot safe in the knowledge that the HR design will do the rest for me.

Don’t know if I should mention say what I’m about to say on this site or not, but here goes anyway – I’ve always been a big fan of the TK right hand glove, I’ve always thought it’s design to be almost perfect, it’s only downfalls are you can’t get any movement with your wrist or hand and also when you put your hand to the floor the stick points up to the sky. Not the greatest angle for your stick to be when you’re trying to keep out a 100mph PC strike!!

So it’s with great pleasure that I can tell you that the new OBO SP right hand glove has neither of these design faults and has helped me to save shots that I couldn’t with the old style glove. I like to try to use my stick as an extension of my arm (i.e. keep it at the same angle as my forearm so when I reach for a save with my stick it’s like trying to save with my right hand but only about 18 inches longer. This I feel improves my hand eye co-ordination and reflexes) which means with the new SP glove I now have a big flat surface area to save the ball with and as I don’t where any arm/elbow protection the glove now covers most of my forearm, which is a godsend because it means no more big black and blue bruises up my arm!! The stick angle is very good too and I have no problems getting my stick down to low hits or flicks at PC’s or when smothering 1v1. If you’re a die-hard fan of the old style glove and you’re thinking of changing to the new SP then theirs is only 1 slightly negative factor that I can comment on – hand/wrist movement. Although the SP isn’t in the (here’s that word again) ‘TK’ league of non-movement it is more restrictive than the old style OBO right hand, but given a bit of time/practise (or a swish or 2 of a Stanley Knife) then this problem will soon become no more and leave to enjoy the confidence and ability to save a whole manner of shots with you’re new goalkeeping accessory!

In brief – the right hand gives more surface area to save shots with, more confidence and protection to make those saves, (forgot to mention this – it’s much lighter for quicker hands), but offers a little less movement than the old style.

The left hand gives much more rebound so you can concentrate on getting your hand to the shot and not worry so much about trying to control it to clear or clearing it 1st time.

Enjoy your keeping,

Kisses Jimi Lewis X