OBO Hi-Control Legguard’s Review


When I purchased my Hi-Control legguards (in my first ever Obo spending spree), I wasn’t sure what to expect- apart from I had heard great things about them from other keepers. I find the hi-controls easy to run in and move about in but overall I was impressed by them because rebound is very good and the ball ends up being in a perfect place away from the attackers.

In the women’s league that I play in the shots are very powerful so the rebound comes into use/effect. I am only 14 so I have to play junior hockey as well for my school, where the shots have almost no power in them, the ball just falls to the ground (off the legguard) where I can kick it away. At first I wasn’t sure about how to effectively control the ball away but over the last few months I have learn’t to control the ball away from the attacker(s). The legguards fit onto my legs and over my Hi-Rebound kickers perfectly and they don’t twist when I dive or get up from a dive. When I am landing from a dive they protect my knees and other bones well (especially compared to other brands gear. A year ago I dislocated my knee from a high, dive landing in my old kit!!)

To improve the legguards I would make them in a numerous amount of colours and I would make the part where you put your leg, about 5cm shorter because sometimes it (depending on what shorts you wear) is a tight fit to have the legguards and the shorts in the right pace because they overlap. I can’t really think of anything else to improve them because overall they fulfill my needs. I haven’t tried the Hi-rebound legguards but at the moment so I can  not compare but compared to my previous legguards that I have used (such as: TK GX4, Slazenger school goalie kit, and the Grays G200) they are absolutely brilliant.

Alton Womens Goalie

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  1. Alton, These leg guards do come in a variety of colours like the Hi rebounds… OBO are the only ones that make such a variety of colours in their kit and if you’ve got the dosh im sure they will do a set of custom leg guards exactly the way you want them.. now who else around would offer that?

    Regarding shortening the leg guard, in my opinion this wouldnt really help.. Im not sure but I’ve always thought that all the OBO kit was deisgned so that it all fits together perfectly like the kicker and leg guard.
    I would assume the OBO shorts and leg guards if worn together and the correct size were bought would fit fine. I currently wear the Cloud wraparound shorts and Hi Rebound legs and the fit between the 2 is great, absolutely no problems at all.
    Are you currently wearing OBO shorts or a different brand?


  2. I am in the Uk and i couldn’t find many different colours of the hi-control (probably just my rubbish research! lol) I had a pair of cloud shorts but they mysteriously vanished when i lent my kit to the mens vets (one off- i don’t sharing my kit). In fairness to them the shorts were the clubs property ( i payed for the rest of the kit). So now i wear Grays G500- My parents don’t want to make their wallets any smaller by forking out more money after just spending £800 and i needed some new cricket stuff!!!

  3. Hey Alton,

    I bought almost half of my gear in the November sale for almost half the price and they had all the colours. It’s a really good time to buy stuff right before christmas and enough time to get used to the gear by the spring season. The pad scheme they offer is just like a rainbow 🙂

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