OBO Elbow Guard Product Tour

Our ROBO Elbow guard is in the final stages of our βeta testing programme and we are just making the final tweaks before we launch the product. This product will in your local OBO supplier soon.


Here is a quick video displaying how the elbow guard is reversible so you can adjust the product to suit your style of play…. Some keepers prefer to have more protection on their forearm and others on their biceps.

I have also taken a few photos to demonstrate how the guard will work with full or half protection with Hi Control and Hi Rebound RHP’s. To view the presentation click below.


Keep an eye out in our βeta testing section to get more views on this and other new OBO products.

Here is a link to NicfromSweeden’s review

7 thoughts on “OBO Elbow Guard Product Tour”

  1. Thanks to OBO for another fine product. I have used the Elbow guards and find them very comfortable. At first they were bulky but after changing the position of the straps to the outside, over the padding, they seemed to fit more snugly. I also found movements of my arms less restricting too but also with adequate protection in the cubital fossa area. I would encourage goalkeepers who are not using elbow protection because the full arm guards are too cumbersome or whatever other reason you have, to give these a try.
    Another good feature is that they’re versatile, you can choose if you want more protection in the upper or lower arm, I’ve opted for the upperarm protection as my gloves offer adequate protection in the forearm area. I took a hard shot on the upperarm and walked away without a bruise, something I questioned when I first saw them.
    Makes me cringe to see keepers on all levels without arm protection.
    I’m impressed with the quality too, they washed well on a cold gentle cycle – not too sure if I’m allowed to do that too often but I’m pedantic when it comes to body armour hygiene. Had my OBO body armour for 4 years now and it’s survived my wash machine (some useless information).
    One keeper not using protection tested my elbow guards and chose to remove some padding which was more comfortable for him, he is now purchasing a set. Another keeper preferred his full armour and did not feel confident with the arm guards.
    I’m most certainly happy with my product. Try the egg ball it brings back laughter to the game- love it!!!!!
    PS. If you’re wondering if I’m a salesperson NO!! I believe in this great product, used other brands before.

  2. Saying that tho, if you are desperate for a pair and dont make an entry for the competition you could always order from abroad?

    Verbunt Hockey have the release date set as monday the 15th of june and they are priced at 53 euro’s.. thats just one stockist NOT in the UK, im sure there are plenty more out there..


  3. This is true I believe. It has been a problem for OBO as they sell in 61 countries; so getting stock to each country is tricky. We have addressed this issue now and in the future all new products will go on sale at the same time in each country.

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