Camo Hi Control Gear

Here is a cheeky shot of Animal showcasing the Hi Control Camo range.

animal camo

(Please note you do not require a beard of this nature to wear this kit, although it is a nice touch!)

This kit is currently only available in Australia, and it has been well received here. What are your thoughts on the kit?


You can get the Camo Hi Control gear including a free Camo smock as shown above from Hockey World, Australia website link here.

Ps: Good to see you have an Adult helmet now Animal!

8 thoughts on “Camo Hi Control Gear”

  1. I definitely like the look of it. Would be cool if you’d sell the camo Hi Rebound legguards in Germany…
    (I badly need some new legguards, but I can’t really warm towards the colors you’re offering by now. I’m now using the old “all-black” SP legguards and I’d really love to get some new stylish gear like that camo stuff)

  2. Haha, sick. I love it. Too bad I’m after going out and buying my new orange kickers last month. If I hadn’t these would be well worth the look.

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