ROBO Hi Rebound Kicker Review

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My favourite piece of kit is the ROBO Hi Rebound Kicker because i have lost count of the times i have misplaced my foot and because of there size the ball deflects off the end hits the post and goes wide:) with my old cloud kickers the ball would just bounce over it. Also the ROBO kickers provide more protection as a keeper the last thing you want to be worrying about is weather or not your kit will protect you against that huge centre forward…ROBO Kickers Rule.

6 thoughts on “ROBO Hi Rebound Kicker Review”

  1. to the point, defo.

    i take it theyre pretty damn good then, i mite get me a pair

    i need sum new kickers mine r club juniours kit( 15 years old and unbranded) fun fun hurts even without the ball hitting me

  2. I am about to but some new Robo leg guards and kickers,
    Hi – Rebound or Hi – control that is the question, could somebody do a review comparing the two against each other and who they are most suitable for 🙂 thanks

  3. both pads are good and you shouldn’t feel any shots through the pads. the hi rebound keg guards are a bit more bulky for bigger surface are when logging and sliding and just general play. while the high control ones are a little smaller and a weird curvy shape. I have heard that the hi rebound ones dont last as long as the high control but haven’t got myself a pair yet. The obvious difference is one has high rebound and the other not so much rebound. They are all very comfortable and light.

    Overall they are all great pads and will protect you the rebound levels are just personal preference. If you can you should try and get your hands on some and test them out/

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