Making the Robo HR Left Glove even more ‘Perfect’

Hey Keepers (me again)

With such positive feedback and interest with ‘making the HR right hand even more perfect’ 😀

Something I touched on in my previous article was the OBO ‘left’ hand. I wanted to show you the alterations I’ve made on this glove which I think makes the glove a lot better (I’d say perfect)!

When I wore my first Robo kit (hi control) in 2003 at 13 years old something I always did was to leave the wrist strap undone, to have full wrist movement. To me this strap seemed point less and I removed it! I’ve seen many other gks do this. Chris Hibbert (South African Keeper) demonstrates this in the picture below!


Talking to the goalkeeping wizard Jimi Lewis (who also removed this strap) showed me the modifications he did for all his career in OBO and playing for Great Britain in the Athens Olympics (same picture) 🙂


I want to show you the 5 stages to make the left hand even more ‘Perfect’


Stage 1, remove the strap (keep the strap for your perfect high rebound right hand alterations as a ‘spare’ just in case 😉


Stage 2, mark the cuts! keep it about 1-2cms above the indents on the soft foam


Stage 3, cut along your marking


(Optional stage 4) if the glove is brand new… doesn’t matter so much, it’s better when the glove is loosened. Have some strong tape. Put it in the middle of where the soft foam meets the harder foam and wrap around tight!


This is becoming more common on different brand gloves as well. Shown by Nick Brothers (Current England Goalkeeper)


Stage 5, enjoy!!!


11 thoughts on “Making the Robo HR Left Glove even more ‘Perfect’”

  1. Your basically making your robo high rebound a cloud? on mine you can just take out the bit your on about its stuck on with velcro! i couldnt do that to my sparkly new gloves!!!

  2. The cloud doesn’t fit as snug with out te soft inner foam! I was the same about cuttig it off but it’s so much better! in terms of movement and allows better technique ecpecially for indoor when wearing arm guards! X

  3. How do you prevent the glove from leaving your hand if there’s contact with a player or if you suddenly extend the arm? Do you tape the glove every time you play?
    I’ve occasionally seen gloves without straps go flying out of keepers hands.
    Ever thought of moving the position of the strap to suit your style – I once put straps on the cloud by carefully making a cut through the foam and inserting straps – they are still being used and no tears.

  4. That always happend back when I had my first TK 2.0 gloves (the bright yellow ones). Each time I had to use my left hand to make a quick safe, my glove went flying.
    Then I got Robo High Control gloves and I’ve been using them for about 5 years now. They’re the best. Maybe I’ll be switching to a High Rebound RHP in 2010, but as long as the indoor season’s on, I’ll keep my High Control RHP.

  5. I’ve only seen that rarely! I only tape my glove every now and then (3weeks) I believe if your holding the glove correctly that you should use your fingers to grip the glove so you have full contol of rebounds not trusting the wrist strap to hold your hand in!!! X

  6. You could simply remove the strap or simply loosen it and put it behind the soft foam piece… Making so you’ll avoid the annoying putting back if you need to, you’re not going to ruin your tongue and it’s easier to move in…

    Despite all I like the stiffness of the glove and I wear it tight ’round my arm.

  7. have been considering shortening the tongue on my LHP as it catches the velcro straps on my Bauer Elbows. not decided yet on the strap. it came undone during my last game and didnt have chance to do it up. didnt really notice the difference

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  9. I don’t like the left hand gloves from obo ive got TK maybe this became because learnt goal keeping with Tk in this gloves your hole hand is protected and you don’t have any problems with tape and stuf!!

    regards Thomas

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