Added protection for keepers who play “Dutch” style

hey keepers

I’ve got another idea/ alteration that I’ve done, this time based on bicep protection…

If we look at products that offer bicep protection they often come in the ice hockey style protectors (not a big fan these)

FM08 Shoulder Caps

I wanted to show you lovely keepers an idea based on the “Chris Hibbert” bicep protectors


I recommend this for keepers who play a “dutch” style (no arm pads) (like me) away of having a little added protection but full arm movements

You will need OBO Cloud arm pads (the ones you buy individually not the ones that come with the Cloud Armour)


Here are the 5 stages to having your own OBO bicep protectors!!!

Stage one depending on the size of your arm, choose which part of the arm guard will fit snug on your bicep. Me being a small guy (nothing wrong with that) i use the part which is originally meant to go around your forearm as the bicep protection.


Stage 2 undo the straps and splay out


Stage 3 with your trusty Stanley knife cut off along the soft stretchy part in the middle of the arm guard and continue all the way around


Stage 4 remove the last strap remaining on the new found bicep (shown on the photo above) To get the best position i found putting the guard on the opposite arm and make sure  the end part (grey part) of the arm guard is facing down your arm


This is the arm guard with the new style Robo body armour


Stage 5 Enjoy



9 thoughts on “Added protection for keepers who play “Dutch” style”

  1. No need for any of this Tommy.. Just buy the Mercian Xtreme Body armour 😛

    OBO you should definately look into producing something that rivals the Mercian armour.. Dave you’ve probably seen the amount of reviews and great comments written about this armour on FHF.. I personally rate it far superior to any of the OBO armours.

    Apolgies for the critisism (and for hi jacking your thread tommy) lol

  2. Alright abbo

    not a problem! I’m trying to stir-up some ideas and show other people what I’m currently using! I’ve seen the Mercian body armour and I think it’s a good idea, but it has these horrible ice hockey bicep rap around style. Where the protection seems to more aimed on the outside of the arm when the protection should be on the inner bicep and on the top. That’s why I’ve made these and I’m using them mainly for training, just for some added protection and to experiment to have some new ideas 🙂

    I think body armours are very important because it’s a balance of mobility and protection… And peoples personal choice is very different!

    Cheers for the comment


  3. juz wanna add some info guys…
    during competition season it’s better to wear SOLID protection…
    I agree with Abbo n Tommy, both of u are correct.
    But I’ll suggest what Abbo did…
    this type of protector not only Mercian has it…
    you can find: MISSION, EASTON, FRANKLIN, RBK, BAUER…more you can find in Ice hockey store…

  4. Those are all taylored towards Ice-hockey though. They’re going to have a different type of protection that won’t be as suitable towards the field hockey game. Though they’ll work, they’re heavier, and the mobility won’t be as good, though the protection will be better.
    Unless you’re talking about outfield body armours, in which case I just wouldn’t go for them anyway. Much better to go for something hockey specific, that has been designed to be used with our form of the game.

  5. The mercian xtreme body armour is amazing! bought it for myself at he beginning of last season as i couldn afford the obo and was pleasantly uprised at how nice it wa to play in.
    ps i also play either dutch style or sometimes with one right arm guard (especially on and based astro!) 😉

  6. Hi! With the Cloud armour, is there any way you can buy the seperate elbow pads with the body armour without the attatched arm protection?
    Thanks, Soph.

  7. hi people!
    i really dont understand why most actual keepers play without any arm protection. I really dont think that the lost of movements when using them is really important, in despite of the risk of injury associated with the fact of no using protections in the area. I`m 42 years old, and i keep using them. Now a got a obo cloud body armour and i find it much more comfortable than the former robo model one.

  8. Dear OBO please can you look into this i am very happy that you have finally sorted out the shoulder pads. Now can you go one further and design bicep pads. Pretty please xx
    @pablokmorales I started going Dutch because my separated arm guards kept slipping and i haven’t gone back since, yes you do get some unlucky shots but saying that i got hit in the armpits and wrists (don’t know how) just waiting till i get some nice arm guards like a fully padded Mountain bike one which would be awesome.

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