What do you wear on your feet in goal?

Over the years I have had big problems finding shoes to fit from school to trainers.

Currently I use a pair of Vanz/DC skateboarding shoes.

Now they are wide and short just like my feet, fit lovely.

But I have upped my game this year and as the shoes have no grip being very flat, so finding getting around gets a bit sloppy. (look at image under post)

I do have a pair of Grays astro shoes but they too long and I just can’t use them. The studs on the bottom also make it impossible to get in my kickers.

So I am asking you. Goalies around the world to help me find something that I can fist ware and second fit into my kickers.



Size feet…… UK 11 for the width. UK 8-9 for length.

OBO Yahooooo Kickers


Sorry for bad English.

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  1. I wear a pair of old running shoes, I love to run so once my shoes get to about 150 miles on them I get a new pair and the old ones become my goalie shoes. I haven’t had a problem where they don’t fit in my kickers. I love having the bottoms worn out alittle to give me that alittle slip I need. Cleats or spikes I hate because ur foot stops and slows down when trying to clear the ball.

  2. i have to be honest. they are possibly the worst trainer to wear. you expect grip from a trainer to push off from and dc’s are not a “trainer” to use that for….

  3. I have fat squat feet too but I’ve found Mizuno or New Balance trail runners to be a great fit for me and have great grip, cushioning and stability. Much better now I don’t have to wear Sideshow Bob length shoes to fit my width and makes the kickers fit more snug too.

  4. I do get grip on them.

    I guess you learn to run differently in them.

    I also have tape on my kickers holding the bottom straps together, that has a lot of grip when it wares down the the fibres of the ducktape.

  5. I wear running trail shoes underneath my kickers – http://shop.adidas.co.uk/product/KU115/U42345/Sports/Men%27s+Kanadia+4+Trail+Runner/detail.jsf

    They are sooo gripy, the best shoes i have worn while playing. they have really helped me up my game! the only problem is they are really thin and dont offer much in the way of protection so if your playing with older kit with dead spots on them you will get a couple of stingers on your feet every now and again… but if you dont mind manning up a bit i would highly recommend these.


  6. Dude, slick sneakers obviously work for you, but if you want to try trainers/hockey shoes try this:

    take the trainers (obviously with tread/grip.) and shove them into your kickers with the straps really loose. Once in you’ll see where the straps should cross, when they’re tight. Mark that with a pen/knife/whatever and take the kickers off. then take a sharp blade, like a stanley knife and cut the tread off along that line. your shoes will be grippy, proper boots but the (now tightened) straps will slot in exactly where you cut the grooves.

    Two advantages: better grip from decent hockey-style shoes, plus the straps won’t move, slip or flick off when you run out to tackle or log.

    It’s a the ONE piece of advice among millions that has improved my game without any negative side effects whatsoever.

  7. I like you have small feet, but are abit wider than normal.
    I use a pair of asics running shoes.
    £30 new, lasted me a season so far and still great grip.
    Fit in the kicker snuggly 🙂

  8. If you can avoid flats I would as they don’t give versatility of differing surfaces

    I see lots of keepers now wearing Adidas Trail shoes as they have grip and less aggressive soles. Also ASICs do a pimple hockey shoe and its thin sole and ability to remove the pimple studs makes it a fave.

    Also, if you look after the shoes they will last you ages!!!


  9. I use Asic’s shoes. Comfortable, good protection and the blades almost fit with OBO straps.

    I did have to cut away parts of the shoe to fit perfectly.

    I was always sceptical as to wearing hockey shoes under kickers (thought they were too bulky to fit) but since having these, I would go on to get another pair!

  10. Thank you everyone for your comments!

    I will be going though them over the week and trying each suggestion at some point.

    Sorry for the bad English I did this at about 4am :/

    Thanks again!

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