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Hi everyone,
I have robo sp kickers (large) and am having problems getting them to sit flush with the sole of my shoe and also the front strap always comes off – currently I just have asic running shoes. I know I’ll never get a perfect fit but does anyone know any particular shoes that accommodate robo large kickers well or any ways of modifying shoes to allow a more secure fit?

cheers- Chesky

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  1. Hi

    If it is just your front strap coming off get some strong tape and strap both the kicker straps together so it cant slip over your toe.

    I hope thats what you needed but if not just tell me so

  2. I’ve found that the Dita Turf Comfort shoes have been the best for firring with OBO Robo kickers. If you cut out two rows of nubs as in the above mentioned article and then also cut off the ones on the heels (those got in the way of a good sliding tackle for me), you should be good to go. The straps fit nicely into the grooves and I haven’t had the slippage I used to experience with other turfies. I’m sure there are other shoes out there that work but since the Ditas work and they’re discontinued and discounted, I bought a few pairs. Assuming you can find the right size shoe, that’s what I suggest.

  3. I had this problem then I got turf shoes… just duct tape the two straps. you will have to replace the duct tape about once a week but it definitely fixes the problem for the short term

  4. I use Asics. Great shoes because they have wide grooves so you front strap always sticks. Therefore you won’t have to demolish your shoe.

    The other thing you do can which i’ve been doing for a year now is removing the front straps. Main advantage is that it forces you to stay on you toes all the time. Because if you don’t do that, there’s a chance the nose of the kicker will lift a little with a big “ouch, that hurts” on your toe”. But leaving that out of the question, removing your front strap is very good way to keep the basic goalie technique in shape…!

    good luck with your quest!

  5. I use Asics, and i personally have very large feet, and i found the best way to stop the strap for anoying me is to just remove the front strap, and just use the middle strap, and with the way i keep it seems to work well.

  6. I have been using adidas hockey attack shoes all year and have found the raised sole of the shoe keeps your foot tight in the kicker and have have no problem with the large robo kickers


  7. I had similar problem and find the duct tape (just off to the lateral side) worked really well. I find that shoes with tread make me trip and interfere with slides so just have a really old pair of comfy ones that are worn right down, and the duct tape.

  8. i recently got a pair of Nike Egoli boots with the smaller rubber studs – they do also have a “ridge” for a single strap (no good for obo gear) but they have been pretty good so far and at a reasonable price.

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