What do you wear on your feet in goal?

Over the years I have had big problems finding shoes to fit from school to trainers.

Currently I use a pair of Vanz/DC skateboarding shoes.

Now they are wide and short just like my feet, fit lovely.

But I have upped my game this year and as the shoes have no grip being very flat, so finding getting around gets a bit sloppy. (look at image under post)

I do have a pair of Grays astro shoes but they too long and I just can’t use them. The studs on the bottom also make it impossible to get in my kickers.

So I am asking you. Goalies around the world to help me find something that I can fist ware and second fit into my kickers.



Size feet…… UK 11 for the width. UK 8-9 for length.

OBO Yahooooo Kickers


Sorry for bad English.