OBO Shirts

Verbunt Hockey, Netherlands have recently launched 2 new OBO shirts that are exclusive to Verbunt.

Check out the Orange shirt: link





The new OBO shirt, now in orange/blue. Nice to play in or wear after the game.
Backside: ‘Goalkeepers are amazing people’ logo + number 1.
Left sleeve: ‘OBO Good shit that really works’ logo.
Front: OBO logo oval.

Also a new OBO Polo: link


Here is a cheeky shot of one shirt being worn out in the “field”.

obo shirt out in the field

OBO Face Off

Check out these limited edition custom Face Off paint jobs produced exclusively for Verbunt Hockey, Netherlands.


The range of graphics are sure to give you attackers a scare on shortcorner plays. To get one of the exclusive Face Off designs click here to go to the Verbunt pages.

About the Face Off
The OBO FaceOff has been developed specifically for the short corner phase of Field Hockey and is not intended for full game usage. It is designed to reduce cuts, abrasions and bruising of defenders.

Wide and comfortable elastic strapping…easy to pop on and off. Rigid yet light polyethylene shell…unbreakable. Total shell weight is 150 grams. Anatomically shaped eye sockets designed to maximise vision while still providing excellent protection. Medium density polyethylene foam inner provides comfortand aids protection of key areas…forehead, check bones, temples and chin. High density polyethylene foam goggles reduce frontal and side impacts over key areas…the bridge of the nose, eye sockets and cheek bones.

Retro Helmets

Check out these limited edition “Retro” helmet produced exclusively for Barrington Sports, UK.


Clean crisp classic looking helmets with no fuss.  The OBO CK helmet offers unrivaled protection at the highest level of the game. Replacing the coveted Union Jack helmet these retro helmets will help you keep your head!

Link to page on Barrington’s website

Info on the CK
Made from Carbon, Kevlar and specially formulated flexible resins; with a gel coat for maximum protection and durability. There are many features that make this helmet a popular choice for goal keepers. The angular shaping provides strength and ball deflection while closed cell polyethylene foam lines the helmet for a soft comfortable fit. It comes with a high carbon steel wire cage which enhances visibility using large eye holes, a fully adjustable five point back plate, and it’s very own carry bag. Available in two sizes – the perfect size can be determined by two measurements (Temple to temple / Top of the head to the chin):

Width between 135mm and 150mm
Length between 225mm and 235mm

Width larger than 150mm
Length greater than 240mm

Got this helmet? Give us a picture of you in your gear and we will  upload it to this article.