OBO Shirts

Verbunt Hockey, Netherlands have recently launched 2 new OBO shirts that are exclusive to Verbunt.

Check out the Orange shirt: link





The new OBO shirt, now in orange/blue. Nice to play in or wear after the game.
Backside: ‘Goalkeepers are amazing people’ logo + number 1.
Left sleeve: ‘OBO Good shit that really works’ logo.
Front: OBO logo oval.

Also a new OBO Polo: link


Here is a cheeky shot of one shirt being worn out in the “field”.

obo shirt out in the field

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  1. Oh I realy wanted one.. Now I finally have the money and the time to sit back and go order it, then the site sais: article not found.. Oh wel, does anybody know were I can get more of this kind of shirts and shit? (And not from some gap at the other end of the earth so that the cost of shipping are higher than the product itself)


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