New OBO Tattoo Range

Check out this new look ROBO tattoo range!

Hey guys check out some pictures of the super sexy, brand new Tattoo range coming out soon from OBO.

Everyone we’ve shown them to has said they look pretty damn amazing.

The design is a New Zealand Maori symbol.





Leave some comments and tell us what you think!!!!!!

59 thoughts on “New OBO Tattoo Range”

  1. Now I feel special 😀 I will get some photo’s of me in action wearing them when they arrive. Then maybe OBO can state that Mr Abbo from the UK is the first one in the world to use them! haha

  2. Luv ’em!
    Like the green even more. Blend in? YOU BET. The forward wont know what hit him and the umpire can’t loose the ball against them now, can they? (the reason white is no longer allowed)

  3. Sorry guys I beg to differ – Simon’s daughter Georgia in my opinion was the first one to wear them – plays for Manawatu Rep u/16 A GK – Has had them for a few months now – played at national tournamet June/July sometime.
    Great people make great products!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps. She even has a lovely “G” on the side of the pads. Custom made.

  4. From a UK perspective (mine at least!), I can’t get away from the dodgy tribal tattoos style. Over here too many ‘wannabes’, usually living in the middle of the burbs, plastered themselves with tribal styles to be ‘cool like Beckham innit’. Also, like Kristof said, I’ve seen too many Citron Saxo’s with dodgy decals as well. Hopefully you haven’t got the same problems in NZ! Cheers Will P.s. feeling the green though.

  5. Well, I think they are wicked cool, and since I’m part aboriginal (N. American) I think they are perfect for me!!!

    When will they be coming to Canada? I’m presently using used Cloud gear, but would love a set of these…

  6. When do they come to the US? I really need a new set of gear, and I’m hoping these won’t be outrageously expensive…I hope they come in other colours, soon. Can’t wait!!

    1. At the moment there are two colour options: green with black tattoo and black with white tattoo. They should be available in the US from the middle of the year.

  7. i have seen keepers playing with the gear but with the green it does not fit the other gear so looks very out of place hand protectors would be a good idea for keepers who like looking good on the field

  8. The sample hand protectors look great too, bring them on. Although being a true Aussie it is a little painful wearing that much black with a bit of white on it. At least its on a silver fern though!

    1. @vicci Sorry… the tattoo range will be available in hi rebound only.

      @Duncadunc We’re just refining the tattoos we’re going to use. Hopefully we can add some images here soon.

  9. @ ken cooney


    I am pretty sure that the tribal only comes in the bright green displayed in the picture.

    also the tattoo style is currently only available on high rebound pads, so unless the junior is wearing hi rebounds, I am not thinking that they would be able to get the tattoo pads

  10. @Kyran Coonie

    The price and Where you can get them differs depending on where you are in the world.

    If you want an estimated price: In Australia they are $799.95

    Have a look on:

    have a look on that website to find a distributor, then you could give them a ring to see if they could get you some tattoos and how much they cost.

    My friend has some of these and I can tell you they are definitely great pads and look amazing.

  11. really good team was shocked at how awsome ther keeper was lol ,had mine for a season now the transffers on the kickers is coming off :0 hardly any left on my right one. will it cost to repair nd where will i need to send them???? does anybody know??

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