Apology and new directive

A statement of apology and aim for the future of staying committed to this project.

Didn’t know where else to put this, but figured it would be best to provide an update on my lack of input so to speak. In my absence from Keeper’s Resources, I was hoping others would step in to fill the case and that has happened to a degree, but not as much as I’d hoped. Rome wasn’t built in a day (as I was told before I started), so might as well keep persevering. In my opinion, my best articles over the time I tried writing for Obo were ‘out there’ and more interesting. Without going into detail, have found myself a little busy as a student and interest in the sport waned (although I have judged people for lack of commitment in regards to various things, have to be held accountable for my own lack of support for the goalkeeping hockey community).

Without sounding zany, human beings are always subjective so it goes without a doubt that people aren’t always going to agree with what I think and vice versa. I try to write objectively having researched before I wrote articles. I would rather create discussion than not, but don’t want to offend, hoping to simply offer up an alternative opinion: in some cases in life I’ve found it is just best to agree to disagree. I’d like to think I’m open minded and am happy to change my view on things, as there are two sides to everything.

I started out writing for Obo in the naive belief that I may be able to help others. Being published by a well known company was an achievement that wouldn’t have ever come to fruition without Simon’s choice to gamble on my writing ability. I am fully aware that I have no qualifications in coaching which makes life difficult and I’m probably just an enthusiast. I have since tried getting qualified and had the opportunity to coach in the English system but that obviously fell through. Writing under a pseudonym means I can admittedly use anonymity to hide away from personal attack and also helps shun the idea of ‘fame’ (had an interesting discussion in a seminar recently, given I feel strongly about never wanting to attempt to be immortalised in history by having my name published at the end of a piece). If people feel it’s important to know, I can say to what level I was at if you all would feel better about it, but I feel that’s in the past now. Having stepped out of the sport means I have realised I still enjoy being a part of it and looking in from a distance, without being drawn into personal bias (I hope) should better my writer.

Retiring so young may be a disadvantage but right now I cannot play to the level I want; might as well quit whilst I’m ahead! Having persevered with various things that haven’t worked out (in life in general), I think it may be better with this new approach. So without further ado, here is my apology and hope for the future. I am happy to be held accountable to that so pester me if I don’t! My approach this year will be to provide quality rather than quanity and to contribute as and when I can given that my writing career is slowly taking off.

If you’d like to give my ego a boost (have enough self confidence as it is though!), feel free to comment or offer up a different viewpoint. However, I think admin has rights to delete anything inappropriate if it ever did come to that (not saying it would)…

3 thoughts on “Apology and new directive”

  1. Really enjoyed your articles, I’m in the same boat as you when it comes to playing so totally understand. You should try some goallie coaching though, to stay involved in hockey and judging by your articles you’d be pretty good!
    best of luck!

  2. Welkome back Grim! Try looking at it this way: goalkeepers are used to being on the receiving end of the game and maybe it’s the same in real life. Don’t confuse lack of feedback or discussion with lack of interest. Your articles are well noticed and appreciated. The fact that you stopped playing yourself might make you an even better observer and writer.

  3. Hi… I have read every single one of your articles, and they were all well written and very helpful. I’m no critic, but I wouldn’t change anything in your articles, hence not commenting, but my goalkeeping has been positively influenced by your articles. I really look forward to any new articles!

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