Robo hi-control size issue

The club I play for has been updating all our kit so I have just received the new robo hi-control kickers. Unfortunately nobody checked with me for sizing so I’ve been given the large kickers (uk size8 1/2+) and I am only a size 3 1/2…:S

I wanted to know if there’s anyway I can make the kickers fit me better (except for tightening all the buckles obviously) or if it will affect my game and I would be better off playing with my old pair of yahoo kickers.

Any help appreciated!!!

Handling nerves

I tend to hype myself up too much for a match and then I end up getting so nervous of letting the team down that I usually end up making a crucial mistake. Tomorrow the womens team I joined have our first match….against the womens team from the club I played for, for 7 years. I really want to perform well because I not only want to prove a point to my old club but also I don’t want my new club to think that I’m not 100% commited to them.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!!!