Handling nerves

I tend to hype myself up too much for a match and then I end up getting so nervous of letting the team down that I usually end up making a crucial mistake. Tomorrow the womens team I joined have our first match….against the womens team from the club I played for, for 7 years. I really want to perform well because I not only want to prove a point to my old club but also I don’t want my new club to think that I’m not 100% commited to them.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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  1. I just checked the site today, wish I could have provided you some advice before your game, how’d it go?

    This is something I’ve learned and I love it, your mind is a TV and you’re in control of the channel. Right now you’re watching the wrong channel, you need to switch it.
    What exactly are your thoughts the day of a game? Driving to the game? Warming up? Getting dressed? As the game is about to start? During the game? After a goal?
    You’ll most likely have a different thought at all the different times, but they’re all the same kind of thought. Your thoughts are different shows, but they’re all on the same channel.

    If you can answer those questions, so I have an idea of what exactly it is you’re thinking about; what channel you’re on. I’ll be able to give you some better advice.

  2. WOW! Just hit me, that your game isn’t until today. I definitely needed to get to bed I was so tired when I wrote that post that it didn’t even hit me that it was midnight so the date had changed.

  3. Thanks the game went much better. I play teh best I have ever played and now I seem to have suddenly uped my game. Thanks so much for your advice it was really helpful!!

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