Robo hi-control size issue

The club I play for has been updating all our kit so I have just received the new robo hi-control kickers. Unfortunately nobody checked with me for sizing so I’ve been given the large kickers (uk size8 1/2+) and I am only a size 3 1/2…:S

I wanted to know if there’s anyway I can make the kickers fit me better (except for tightening all the buckles obviously) or if it will affect my game and I would be better off playing with my old pair of yahoo kickers.

Any help appreciated!!!

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  1. It is definitely sounds like your club need to start communictaing with players before purchasing kit.

    I use the robo hi-rebound and have just bought a new pair of kickers for this season.Having used OBO before I know that it will take a while for the correct size to feel right as they need time to mould to your feet and then you start feeling more comfortable, but there is no way you can wear the large if you are meant to have mediums.


  2. @ Tammy
    While your kid is still growing I wouldn’t bother getting your own gear. Especially if the club provides adequate kit. If you do want to get your own stuff go for kickers first, gloves second.
    At this age Yahoo would provide sufficient protection. Ogo might also be sufficient, but in view of going up a level or two I would recommend Yahoo.
    Also before buying kit, consider what level you want to play and if you are good enough to get there. (be realistic!!) It is useless to fork out the cash for (inter-)national level kit (Robo) when sub-national (Cloud) or even Regional level kit (yahoo) would suffice.

    I refer to Obo gear here as I have experience with this and know it is very durable, but you can replace the types with equivalent types of other brands. Especially when still growing you might save a few bucks by buying other brands as you will not be wearing the gear for very long.

  3. Sorry for hi-jacking,

    But i am about ready to buy some new kickers in the next month or so, and i was wondering whether to buy rebound again, or get control this time?

    Is the difference in rebound really that different between hi-rebound and hi-control?
    This is because i want something to protect my feet more, as i have quite a few shots go through them.

    Thanks in advance

  4. The difference in rebound is very noticeable, but so is the difference in durability.
    The High Controls last significantly longer, especially when playing on sand based. The damping on the HC’s also lasts longer as the HR’s have a more open structure.

    With the HC’s you have to make more active saves to make sure the ball leaves the D while with the HR’s this a lot easier.

    If you are facing a lot of fast paced shots with little time to react HR is often the best choice as the ball rebounds further and you don’t give away as much 2nd shot chances. Otherwise go for HC as they are better value for money.

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