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My son is a hockey goalkeeper and owns a Robo hockey helmet. We purchased this fantastic helmet about a year ago. The only, ongoing problem we have is that everytime he removes the sweatband from inside the helmet, the piece of velcro which holds the sweatband in the helmet comes loose.

We have tried so many different glues on the South African market and nobody can give us advise as to which glue to try. After every practise and every match (probably about 4x per week) we have to re-glue the velcro to the helmet.

We are afraid of trying acid based glues incase the eat the padding in the helmet.

I would be extremely grateful if you could advise me as to which glue I could use or any solution to the problem.

Thank you!



Hi Cheryl,

I’ve had a lot of success with that very problem using a product available in the US called Gorilla Glue. Below is a link to their website which has a “Where to Buy” section.


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  1. I Had the same problem with my Helmet, The two little velcro squares came off attached to the headband after a particularly hard training session. When I got home I wiped it and left it to dry overnight. I got a strip of velcro roughly the same width as the ones the helmet comes with and attached it to where the previous two that fell off would sit. In the Uk we have a superglue here called Bostik, I used a considerable amount and left it until tacky (roughly 5 mins) then placed the velcro onto it. Its worked really well and holds the headband in a better position than previous to the MOD, I’ve had no problems since i’ve done this. Hope that helps.

  2. I feel it is about the same as the game itself “it’s all about preparation” get the foam surface clean and free of oil. Wipe down with either methyl-benzene, acetone or thinners. The velcro attaches well with a cyano-acetate (Super glue), poly-ethelyne (Gorilla grip), or Contact cement (Bostic).

    Just follow the instructions on the tube. Again, it’s all in the preparation, make sure the foam is clean and dry. Use new Velcro, position the Velcro hooks on the pad, put the pad in place and mark where the Velcro is. Remove the pad, remove the Velcro from the pad then position the Velco in the helmet and secure in place using the adhesive of your choice.

  3. i had the same problem until i found shoe goo
    this is a glue developped for repairing skate shoes
    it helps really really good to repair all types of your kit

    hope you can solve the problem soon!

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