Review Your Kit Competition Winners


The Review your kit Competition has now closed, but we and other people around the world really value your reviews of kit; so keep sharing, contributing and enjoying. See this link to view all the competition reviews.

We requested creativity in how the content was displayed along with some straight talking on what you really think of OBO products.

After much discussion we would now like to announce the 5 winning articles;

Review: Robo Bodi Arma by CormacDC

OBO comment; Favorite quote – “It glistened like nose hair after a sneeze.”

Review of CLOUD Hotpants by Folmer

OBO comment; Good real review with good constructive criticism. Maybe we need to develop the Cloud hotpants.

Review of Robo Hi Control RHP by Kanuckkeeper

OBO comment; liked the use of video.

OBO Cloud Leg-guards Review In A Short Story by danni

OBO comment; good creative story.

OGO Kickers Review by Ozzie

OBO comment; pleased that someone thinks OGO is misunderstood.

If your review was selected as a winning review we will be in touch via e-mail.


The OBO Team

12 thoughts on “Review Your Kit Competition Winners”

  1. Yessssssssssssss!!!! I call the Elbow Guards!

    Congratulations to everyone who won and a solid round of applause to everyone who entered. Honestly, I really didn’t think I would win.

    Thanks a lot to OBO for choosing my article.

    Goalkeepers are amazing people

  2. Hi,
    Thanks Obo, it was a really enjoyable piece to write and hope to write many more in the future, including my new elbow guards 😀

  3. Thanks very much OBO. I’ll be delighted with my elbow pads.
    Ya i’m pretty sure Barrington sports do deliver to ireland.
    thanks again.

  4. Relax ozzie; we’re all honest winners.

    Hey, I got a game against a team from Ireland coming to Vancouver, Canada. Any o’ you guys know anything about that from your end?

  5. I think so…I could use the Elbow guards ’cause I use a piece of crapp ice hockey chest protector. and since i get the elbow guards, my parents have to buy me a chest protector as well 🙂

    I tried on the knee protectors and there was a part on the outside of the knee that kinda stuck out and made it kinda uncomfortable. It’s like the hotpants, with the velcro, if you’re legs aren’t big enough, they don’t really fit – i guess i have small knees. I don’t really see the point of them either even if I have been hit in the knee three times and now might have to get surgery if I get hit again 🙁

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