TK or OBO?

Hi keepers! I want to put to rest the on going battle between these to brands and discover which is better/worse for whatever playing style people prefer. I will be going into my second season as a keeper having made the jump from the lowest team to the first team and have decided to buy my own kit as the clubs is falling apart! Having looked through pretty much all brands of kit I still can’t decide which kit is best. I prefer to be aggresive and slide a lot against opposition and having tried only two types of kit (the cloud 9 obo range and a slazanger kit), I find I cannot slide with square leg guards (maybe im doing it wrong?). I’m speculating whether to get a kit like the HC OBO kit or a kit like the HR OBO kit or the TK1 kit. Any comments will be much appreciated! Many thanks!

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  1. If you like sliding/more on the ground kind of style, you will probably want to go for the Robo HC leg guards. The Robo HR kit was designed for keepers who prefer staying on their feet. The only advantage I know of is the TK stick glove, although I know obo have done a lot of work on the HR stick glove over the past few years which I haven’t used, so it might now be as good as, if not better than the TK glove.
    Hope that helps!

  2. thanks for the comments i think ill stick to the HC style then 😀
    @bertybassett whats youre opinion on HC style RHP’s against HR style RHP’s ??

  3. I used to have TK 2 which are basically TK1 but less protective. Switched to OBO cloud and never looked back. Don’t do it! TK, for sliding, really bad. The straps and buckles are low quality, meaning they easily fray/break. The leg guards are too square on your legs meaning that when you do log/slide they just twist. Definitely go OBO, the leg guards fit together with the kickers so they are less likely to twist. I do like TK Helmets though, they’re more comfortable and conform to your face unlike the OBO helmets. Hope this helps 🙂

  4. Oh, and I have HC stick glove and LHP, and I would vouch for them if you like to move quickly with your hands for aerial saves, but if aerial saves aren’t your strong point, I would go for the HR stick glove due to the increased surface area 🙂

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