Playing with a meniscal tear

I’m currently playing with a minor meniscal tear in my left knee. I’ve been told by a lot of people that I shouldn’t be playing, but I’m going to be waiting a year or two for surgery and I’ve worked so hard to be where I am and I don’t want to give it up and lose everything. If anyone else has been in my position or has even had the same injury I’d like to hear your opinion on what I should do and/or how to improve with out doing more damage.

Thanks 🙂

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  1. Kacey,

    From my point of view it is never good to play with knee injuries, from what you have described there is a potential to create a much more severe tear rending your concerns mute as you’ll have no career.

    I cannot stress enough to SEEK A MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS HELP! At least take some time off to allow it to start healing while you talk to said professional.

    If you’ve made it before you can do it again after your healed no question!

    Take Care
    The Cat

  2. Definitely seek professional advice. Even if the odds of making it worse turn out to be small, the amount of damage you could do could very great. Would you be willing to risk ending your hockey playing days if the muscle tore further?

    Talk to a doctor, and weigh up the risk (and I hope you get it sorted soon).

  3. Hey,
    pretty much what the other people have been saying, like get it checked out by a doctor and im sure they’ll take some scans of it and see how bad it is and if it just needs shaving back or is fine to use or anything.
    but by using it you are risking tearing more of the cartilage through your knee which will expose bones to bone in your knee. which will end up with your knee becoming very painful from the wear.
    i would advise take a few weeks off to let it heal a bit and get it checked out so you dont stuff it up meaning you would need major surgery.
    hope that helps a bit 🙂

  4. I cannot comment in terms of your injury, however i have continued to play through more injuries than i could count (even in sandals ;)) the most severe being a dislocating shoulder (done in a snowpark whilst snowboarding) i refused to quit playing both roller hockey and keeping on the astro.

    I think as above you need to get the morst case scenario from a medical professional, although i was told catergorically not to continue in sport and i made the choice that i think many commited players make and i said its fine i’ll “man up” well im now on 29 dislocations popping back in mid game and continuing and am awaiting surgery that will involve pinning and a loss of range of motion for LIFE! and up to 2 years out of sport if i make it back at all……. also the risk of losing my job, so its a bigger decision than you may realise.
    so i used to say its worth another dislocation to keep playing or i feel im letting down the team if i dont play well make sure you really understand the consiquences of your actions i thouroughly regret continuing to play dont get into the same situation. as mentioned if you got to the level you are you will get back there.

    good luck with the op.


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