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Hello keepers, quick question on keeping equipment, has anyone got any thoughts or experience on mixing brands of gear? As I have limited budget, I was going to opt for buying some highly cheaper tk leg guards to go with my obo HC kickers. Please comment!!! Many thanks.

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  1. I’ve mixed Grays leg guards with Mercian kickers and it didn’t work. In terms of kickers and leg guards I wouldn’t mix, personally. Most brands design their stuff so that it fits perfectly with other bits of their stuff. Like with OBO you can mix hi control kickers with cloud leg guards for example, and they would fit together fine. And TK leg guards, especially TK 2’s, I wouldn’t go there. The buckles are cheap plastic that smash when they are cold and the straps constantly loosen. This is from personal experience. Hope this helps 🙂

  2. I guess the beauty of OBO is that the pads and kickers fit together better than any other kit i have used. I have used all other pads out there and always came back to OBO. Personally i would wait and invest in OBO gear as it will last a lot longer and you will be better protected. I know a GK who used TK pads last year and they only last 5 months, he then had to buy others and wished he had gone for OBO to start.
    Hope this helps

  3. OBO all the way had my legguards for 3 years now and bought them secound hand off ebay from player who had them approximately 8/10 years before me so have defo payed themselves back.

    Have used them with mercian kicker but often found a gap between the kicker and legguard or my toe being exposed from kicker rising up against legguard.

    In my experience DON’T MIX legguards and kickers

    wait and save up for OBO youll never look back

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