OGO Legguard’s Review

I have decided to write a review about my new OGO legguards (which I’m borrowing from my club), as I think many people underestimate the great aspects of ‘high control’ shaped OGO.

OGO medium legguards

OGO Medium Legguards

When I was given the leg guards I was aware that OGO was the bottom of the OBO range, so I wasn’t too excited about getting them. I expected that they wouldn’t be strong enough, or I would hurt myself, or maybe they would be awkward and uncomfortable. After just one training session I realised that I was completely wrong, and that there are in fact many great advantages with my new leg guards.

I prefer to wear less gear than most other keepers (no arm guards, neck guard, etc.), because I rely on more of an attacking sort of play, kind of like a third defender. This requires me to run around and switch directions with ease, and to achieve this I need light, comfortable leg guards which will stay facing forward and slide beautifully. I find all of these things with my new OGO’s.

While I’m on the subject of sliding, I’ll mention a reason for a lot of my past leg injuries. These injuries have always occurred during an attempt at a second save, when my pads have been swivelled around due to lying down on short corners or sliding at players. I will go for a save with my shin and then realise (usually when it’s too late) that there isn’t actually anything in between the ball and my leg. Luckily for me, this is a thing of the past with OBO’s nifty locking system (see my diagram), which has completely stopped my leg guards from twisting!

obo locking system

OBO Locking System

After getting used to my old legguards, every time I pick up my OGO’s I’m still surprised by how light they are. I’m padding up, padding down, running, stretching, victory dancing, sliding and diving faster than ever before and it has changed my game substantially …for the better of course! Unlike other brands that I have tried, the fact that they are super lightweight does not AT ALL mean they have poor protection – which of course is an extremely relevant aspect, no matter how old you are.

Yes, my OGO’s might not have the same amount of rebound as the famous ‘ROBO Hi Rebound’, but nevertheless I have still been amazed by their remarkable bounciness (apparently it’s a word). I have found the rebound of my OGO’s a very helpful aspect of goalkeeping, as it means I can make a quick, safe clearance out of the D without having to take a massive kick.

Another thing – these leg guards look so cool! You can tell me not to judge a book by its cover as much as you like but, in my opinion, appearance is a surprisingly large part of goalkeeping; looking good is feeling good, and feeling good means a whole lot of confidence. And everybody knows how important confidence is!

I’ve thought and thought, and to be completely honest I cannot think of any problem with the leg guards. I’m playing under-fifteens at the moment, and when I move up to under-eighteens I will probably invest in some more expensive leg guards and kickers (I’m thinking hi control) because my OGO’s are not specifically designed for this age group. That isn’t a fault though, that’s a given.

To conclude, the OGO leg guards have been designed beautifully and offer all of the amazing aspects that people around the world have grown to expect from OBO. I am 100% satisfied with them and can’t wait to play with OBO leg guards of a higher range.

Please feel free to leave me a feedback comment and questions.



PS: You know how keepers like to whack their stick against their legguards? My OGO’s are so loud! A few days ago I hit my pads with my stick, and one of my defenders jumped about a foot in the air.

Review of Robo Hi Control RHP

During the November sale last year, I bought my own first pair of hand protectors: The Robo Hi Controls. The first time I tried them out, the difference was incredible…

During the November sale last year, I bought my own first pair of hand protectors: The Robo Hi Controls. The first time I tried them out, the difference was incredible…


The Gist

The Robo Hi Control Right Hand Protector is an amazing piece of gear. The technology incorporated is as complicated as a rocket and clearly built for both performance and comfort. The outside of the RHP is as solid as a rock. The “clunk” sound it makes when it’s being hit is very distinguishable. The high-density foam used makes it superior to other hand protectors, in my opinion. The one thing I believe is amazing, is the fact the they used a different foam and probably moulded the little lines along the bottom for when you are going into a log, slide, or dive. When I am going into a slide, I don’t notice anything when my fist hits the ground. The transition from landing on the flat side of the HP to the roll onto my side is impeccably fluid.

Injury  🙁

Previously, a problem I had had with my first RHP, is that whenever I slid, logged or dove and the ball hit my RHP, my hand – especially my thumb – would get quite rattled and a small bruise would even appear on my thumb after the game. I have never had this problem since November. I discovered this is because of the high-density foam on the outside but also a smoother, more comfortable foam on the inside and comforters that line the hand grips. The comforters provide a far more useful utility other than simply, well, comforting the hand. They absorb the water and sweat around the hand that allow me to keep a solid grip on my stick.

What’s the Diff?

Before I got my Robo RHP, the only thing between me and that solid ball was a single layer of mediocre and worn-out foam. My new RHP is made of at least three different foams. It’s hard and durable on the outside and like a feather blanket on the inside 🙂

The finger straps on my previous HP kept coming undone during my game – REALLY dangerous and annoying. This has happened a few times on my new one but every HP I have used this happened. I think it’s a never-ending problem really because my thumb always seems to be moving! The comforters are the ultimate difference I think. My hand has never felt so good being hit at 50 km/h 🙂

I seriously recommend this RHP for players who are “nuts” – a.k.a., diving all over the place like crazy. I have not tried the Hi Rebound model but from what my fellow keepers tell me, their wrist seem to always wobble when they are going into log, dive of slide. I have never had this problem with the Hi Control version.

See for your self:



Read more on the ROBO Hi Control RHP at the OBO website

OBO Hi-Control Legguard’s Review


When I purchased my Hi-Control legguards (in my first ever Obo spending spree), I wasn’t sure what to expect- apart from I had heard great things about them from other keepers. I find the hi-controls easy to run in and move about in but overall I was impressed by them because rebound is very good and the ball ends up being in a perfect place away from the attackers.

In the women’s league that I play in the shots are very powerful so the rebound comes into use/effect. I am only 14 so I have to play junior hockey as well for my school, where the shots have almost no power in them, the ball just falls to the ground (off the legguard) where I can kick it away. At first I wasn’t sure about how to effectively control the ball away but over the last few months I have learn’t to control the ball away from the attacker(s). The legguards fit onto my legs and over my Hi-Rebound kickers perfectly and they don’t twist when I dive or get up from a dive. When I am landing from a dive they protect my knees and other bones well (especially compared to other brands gear. A year ago I dislocated my knee from a high, dive landing in my old kit!!)

To improve the legguards I would make them in a numerous amount of colours and I would make the part where you put your leg, about 5cm shorter because sometimes it (depending on what shorts you wear) is a tight fit to have the legguards and the shorts in the right pace because they overlap. I can’t really think of anything else to improve them because overall they fulfill my needs. I haven’t tried the Hi-rebound legguards but at the moment so I can  not compare but compared to my previous legguards that I have used (such as: TK GX4, Slazenger school goalie kit, and the Grays G200) they are absolutely brilliant.

Alton Womens Goalie

OBO PE Helmet Review

I have chosen to write a review on my PE helmet.

To start off, before purchasing this helmet I used to play in a very mediocre lid, Not going to name names : )

I purchased this helmet at the start of this season and from the moment I took it out of the box I loved it. When I first picked it up I was surprised at the weight of it! sooo light compared to my other lid.

First things first, once opening the box I couldn’t wait to try it on, From box to head was almost a perfect fit without adjusting a thing! I tinkered with the straps a little to get it to the right tightness which took no time at all! This was the first time I’d had a helmet fit perfectly directly from the box without a lot of tinkerage.

Next thing to do was add the stickers, I may be 18 but stickers are always fun to play with whatever your age. OBO provide just the right amount of stickers for the lid and even give you a little template to follow if you don’t have an idea on where to stick them. I spent a while customizing until I was happy with the look, here are a few pictures of it : )


Once all the tightening and stickering was done I tried the helmet on with my body armour, My previous helmet used to catch on my body armour when lowering my head a little… Not a problem at all with this helmet.. I was soo chuffed as it was soo damn annoying with the previous helmet!

Next thing to note is the vision! Referring to my old helmet first, the vision was unbelievably poor, the bars of the grill were in the totally wrong place and I had to wear the helmet in the un-correct way to be able to get a good line of sight! The new helmet tho.. what an improvement!  No wearing the helmet in a way it isn’t supposed to be worn, no adjusting of the grill.. just a perfect line of vision.. the first time for a few seasons.

Next The comfort of the helmet. The thickness of the foam could be improved (made a little thicker) But apart from that it was the most comfortable helmet I’d tried on. The velcro tabs that hold the sweat band on are a good idea but after a few uses (and a lot of sweat) the velcro lost its stickiness and fell off. Not really an issue to me as I was considering changing it from two squares of velcro to one long strip anyway. Previous helmets have given me really bad headaches as they were too tight in certain places, such as the temple. This is not an issue with the PE helmet, its really comfortable.


I have taken many hits to this helmet, a few to the temple and a few to the front of the grill and not felt a thing.. the only thing I would say is be prepared for the ringing in your ears when you get hit as it makes a really loud noise, I think this is due to the materials used. In the previous helmet I was scared to chase down shots where I knew an undercut could be possible as the helmet didn’t fit properly, when I ran out because of the way I had to wear it, it used to slide down and my vision was severely impaired, I used to close my eyes and turn my head when a ball was coming towards me at head height as I was afraid I would get injured. Since I bought this helmet, the eye closing and head turning problem has ceased and I now try an actively charge down shots without worry.

On the protection issue, 6 games before the end of the season at a training session a ball was undercut from 6-8 foot away from me and hit me square on the left side of my face ( where the grill attaches to the helmet ) I did fall to the ground as the shot took me by surprise and I did feel the shot thru the helmet. Saying this if I hadn’t of been wearing the helmet I would have a very mashed face, the helmet did a brilliant job of protecting me and where the ball made contact with my cheek/grill it left a nasty dent but I am going to say that’s what the helmet is designed to do? it kind of reminded me of crumple zones in a car.

All in all OBO have done a great job in designing this helmet and I would totally recommend it to any player (whatever your level) and personally would buy another one tommorow!

Review Your Kit Competition

Guys and Gals,

its time for the Keepers Resources 2.0 site to host its first competition.

The Review Your Kit competition!

We want you to create a new post / article reviewing 1 item of kit for the world to see.

So tell us straight what you think – tell us what you love about your piece of kit (and also any improvements you would like to see us make – we listen!)

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Deadline is 5pm Friday 5th June 2009.

So what’s the prize for the winners?

The top 5 reviews will have a choice between a set of our new ROBO Elbow Guards or CLOUD Knees up knee protectors delivered to your doorstep!


Elbow Guard

Knees Up

Knees Up Knee Protector

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