Review Your Kit Competition

Guys and Gals,

its time for the Keepers Resources 2.0 site to host its first competition.

The Review Your Kit competition!

We want you to create a new post / article reviewing 1 item of kit for the world to see.

So tell us straight what you think – tell us what you love about your piece of kit (and also any improvements you would like to see us make – we listen!)

You can enter as many reviews as you want on as many pieces of kit as you like – but each article must only review 1 product. Be creative on how you tell us – you can write text, add pictures and embed youtube videos.

Deadline is 5pm Friday 5th June 2009.

So what’s the prize for the winners?

The top 5 reviews will have a choice between a set of our new ROBO Elbow Guards or CLOUD Knees up knee protectors delivered to your doorstep!


Elbow Guard

Knees Up

Knees Up Knee Protector

How to add your review

Make sure you have registered with the site or logged in.

Next go to your dashboard to add a new post. Quick link to it here: add a new post.

You may want to check out this demo on “How to add a new post/ article”

If you have any questions please e-mail

12 thoughts on “Review Your Kit Competition”

  1. Hi David, Could you put my review in the competition bit for me please aswell as where it is now? or doesnt it matter? will it still be seen as an entry?



  2. hey knighttimes,
    I’ve just submitted a post, but when I had a look at the ‘preview post’ both the pictures I had uploaded were sitting at the bottom of the page.
    Do you know why they have changed…
    and are you able to you fix them?

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