Is the keeper allowed to kick the ball off an opposing player’s stick (kicker-stick contact)? Is the keeper allowed to hit the ball off another player’s stick with his/her goalie stick?


Any contact by a keeper, whether kicker or stick must be to the ball first. If after contacting the ball, the keeper’s kicker or stick contacts the opposing player’s stick then the play should be legal. However, if the umpire deems that the keeper contacted the opponent’s stick first and then got ball the penalty is either a corner or possibly a stroke. Unfortunately, umpires often make this call based on sound (especially with stick tackles) as they are usually positioned on the endline behind the keeper in an attempt to stay ahead of the play. This can leave the umpire with an obstructed view of the play. If you’ve made a tackle where you feel you’ve got ball first and the call has gone against you, the best you can do is ask the umpire to ask for help from their partner.

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