6 thoughts on “I painted my PE Helmet”

  1. Hi, have you finished off the helmet with a coat of clear lacquer. This will hopefully prevent the paint chipping so easily after such a great paint job. have a good season

  2. I should have put a clear coating on it. But I didn’t because of the short period of time between the paintjob and first practices.

    Maybe I’ll repaint my helmet in the next winterbreak. some other colours? any idea’s? My colorscheme is al black with a red/black(wich is more ‘orange’ish ) Robo richt-hand glove.

  3. Montanna paint comes in different variants, the black cans are acryllic paint, but be wary that the more and more paint you add the heavier the helmet will become.

    Depending on what kind of helmet you have, you might want to sand the surface down and then add paint onto it, in order for the paint to attach itself to a surface for it to stay on longer.

    be wary though, if you sand to much of it off you will damage the helmet. If you would like I could write up a “how to” paint guide for you as soon I am helping paint a fellow keepers helmet with a design he has made.

    Also would be kick ass to see something trickier to paint on your helmet, maybe something like a spiderweb pattern keeping the red/black theme, with silver for the web, keep the good work up!


  4. That looks really beast, if you laquer it it should be fine, even without, as long as you’re not skidding on your head all the time, which you shouldn’t be, so yeah..

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