Inbetween Seasons Training

With this years season finishing in April and the next season not starting till September I am looking at various drill/training that I can do to keep my fitness up whilst keeping my reactions up to scratch, footwork still fast and etc.

Just wondering if anyone has any tips on how they keep themselves going over the break or any drills/training sessions that they would recommend I try?


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  1. why stop playing? find out if you have an indoor hockey comp near you and play so indoor. it gets your reflexes fast as its smaller field so closer shots. but its a lots of fun. (just a little less than outside)

    anyways have a fun off season

  2. I’m lucky because my club continue playing through out the season, and out of season. Once a week we have summer training. A informal way for people in the club to mix and get to know each other and for everyone to continue improving.

    If you have no other option but to stop i suggest trying out some ladder exercises, and keep you cardiovascular fitness up by going for a run sometimes.

  3. I have this problem as well. We have a 8 weeks bye during summer. We get a fitness timetable from our fitness coach!
    you should go for a run 3 times a week and should do specific training such as 10meter,20meter and 50 meter sprints. Running up a hill is good for your quads.In the morning we used to do a little muscle programm with pushups,crunshes,situps,stabilisation positions.
    Thats how we keep us fit during a bye.
    hope it helped.

  4. warm up before you stretch. you want to aim for the splits but it won’t happen fast depending on how flexible you are. spend a couple of minutes a day or every second day stretching. you should stretch your:
    hip flexors
    inside abductors
    gluteus maximus

    and anything other things you want to stretch.

    hope this helps

  5. defiently the groin im out 4 a couple of weeks couse i made a wide save with my leg and damaged my groin for not streching enough even though i always strech my groin

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