The Mental Aspects of Goalkeeping

A great resource download for all you amazing people on staying sharp between the ears!

Here is a great resource for all you amazing people….its written by Francesco Staps who’s tried to help all goalkeepers “stay sharp between the ears!”

Francesco’s 18 page PDF has been written in Dutch and also translated with some help from Keepers Resources writer Dan Pilgrim and Marjolein Kamstra.

This great resource even has its own website – and some download links to the PDF’s are below…


Great work Francesco!

5 thoughts on “The Mental Aspects of Goalkeeping”

  1. that was an awesome monday morning read – many thanks.

    it was curious for me to realise why i got into goals in the first place… i had never really reflected on it.

  2. A excellent read Francesco! It is great to see someone adress one of the most difficult parts of being a goalie.

    I’m curious, does anyone else know any other ways of keeping sharp or mental tricks of some sort to improve your game?


  3. Hi Thiemo, thnx for your compliment. Obviously, I’m not someone else, but I do know other tricks to become a/o stay sharp. Presently I’m writing a 2nd on the subject of imagery. Imagery for learning, improving and optimal performance. To learn from the first e-book and how to improve I would like to request all readers to send me their remarks, critics etc. So I can incorporate the feeback into booklet no.2 (or redraw from the initiative 😉 ) I’ll let you know once the next chapter is finished, cheers Francesco

  4. Has anyone else found listening to music on your own in silence before you step on the pitch gives a nice vibe. Very nice booklet field players don’t know how much goalkeeping is as much mental as it is physical. Hope this is just a first of a series. cough* cough* @Francesco Staps

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